3 Reasons Why You Should Always Buy Furniture Second-Hand

You can’t call an empty space bound by walls home. Or if you’re planning to set up a business, it’s not an office space unless you’ve got your workstations and desks set up. Furniture has a way of completely changing the look and mood of a closed space. From the painstakingly carved curves of the Victorian era to the tastefully angled surfaces of modern day minimalism, you can find a piece of furniture for everyone and everything.

Buy Used Goods


But here’s the catch–good furniture is expensive as hell. At least ‘new’ good furniture is. But when it comes to used furniture, it’s a totally different ball game. How? Let’s take a look.


Keep The Change

Buy second hand goods


Unless you’re looking at an 18th-century antique, used furniture is exponentially cheaper than new furniture. If you’re buying furniture for an office space, buying used furniture in bulk will help you save more money than you can ever imagine. Even when you’re setting up a home, buying a used dinner table set or beds for your rooms comes out way cheaper even if you’re buying new furniture on sale.


Give Trees A Chance

We’ve already chopped down enough trees to melt away large chunks of sea-ice from the poles. Actually that’s an understatement. NASA predicts that one of Antarctica’s ice shelves will completely disappear before the end of the decade.

Save Trees


Essentially, fewer trees mean more tsunamis, fewer polar bears and eventually the apocalypse. We probably got lucky in 2012, but at the rate with which the earth is losing its green cover, there’s a high probability that the Mayans were only off by a few years. Maybe they meant 2022. We’ll only know when we’re engulfed by a giant tidal wave.

The point here is that if everyone buys used furniture, we could probably push our luck till 2030. It’d be nice to stay alive for a little longer; don’t you think so?


Customise And Create

The best part about buying used furniture is that you can refurbish and remodel it to get a piece that’s as unique as it gets. Since you save up so much money in the first place, it makes perfect sense to buy a can of polish or paint and get that brand new look without having to pay through your nose. And you get the freedom to use colours that truly reflect your style, instead of settling for the boring, overused shades that you find on mass-produced furniture.

Second hand furniture

Most sofa sets and chairs with cushions that you buy second-hand can be brought back to life with ease. A lot of old furniture was made with solid wood or wrought iron frames that are extremely sturdy. Just changing the upholstery or the foam will increase their longevity by years. You’ll literally get a brand new piece of furniture at almost half the price.


So how can you get your hands on used furniture? That’s easy. Buy used furniture online. Just log on to Quikr and feast your eyes on all kinds of used furniture at prices which will blow your mind.


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