Volkswagen Tags Implausible Carbon Dioxide Ratings for More Than 4 Lakh Vehicles

Volkswagen AG has recently stated that 430, 000 of its newly manufactured vehicles possessed implausible ratings for carbon dioxide as part of its talks with regulators for tackling the emissions cheating scandal.

The figure translates into more than half of the 800, 000 vehicles approximately affected by the controversy and that too for the current 2016 model year. Volkswagen is investigating model years of the past and the correct carbon dioxide ratings that should have been followed according to company sources.

The automobile behemoth will be presenting a solution to German authorities today with regard to taking care of the 1.6 litre diesel engines fitted with software for cheating polluting nitrogen oxide tests according to company sources. The proposal is not as expensive or complicated as the company initially thought and feared and this can also be used throughout Europe if approval is obtained in Germany. Volkswagen is currently fire fighting one of the biggest crises that has engulfed the automobile industry over the years. This came about when the company confessed to cheating on emissions tests in the month of September. The automobile giant will also have to recall approximately 11 million diesel vehicles across the globe and now stated how another 800, 000 vehicles possessed inconsistencies their carbon dioxide outputs.

According to global estimates, the entire monetary impact of the scandal will touch a whopping 25 billion euros by the year 2017.


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