Testing Centre for Vehicle Fitness to be Launched in Lucknow

This proposed centre at Lucknow will be the first such advanced testing centre for checking unfit vehicles that are presently plying on the city roads and this will be the first such initiative in the entire state.

There is a proposed testing centre for vehicle fitness that is to be setup at Lucknow and this will make it comparatively easier to check and curb unfit vehicles plying on the city roads. According to transport department officials, construction work is being executed with gusto at present. The centre should be ready by March 2016 and civil work will be boosted by the release of central funds. Machine installation will be the last step in the entire process.

An advanced centre will cost approximately INR 3 crore to be constructed and this particular centre is being developed jointly by the state and Centre. This is located next to the regional transport office (RTO) at Transport Nagar. This spans 7, 500 sq metres and is located near the APJ Kalam Path where a three lane fitness checking system for commercial vehicles is being developed. Currently, commercial vehicles are compulsorily required to attain fitness certificates from RTOs each year. The impact of this new centre will be greatly felt in terms of lowering noise and air pollution in addition to overall numbers of road accidents through checking of brakes, engines and emission levels.

According to sources, the RTO in Lucknow seizes approximately 400 unfit vehicles on a monthly basis. However, there is no advanced system for tracking vehicle fitness and motor vehicle inspectors currently check a vehicle’s physical condition post which the certificate is issued. RTO is dependent upon the NID (next inspection date) certificate which is given to all commercial and transportation vehicles. This is a month ahead of the fitness expiration date. The RTO issues notifications to all vehicles for whom the NID is set to expire and action is initiated thereafter. This development will make Uttar Pradesh one of the ten states in India to get such advanced vehicle testing features.


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