Red Bull Principal Talks of Control in F1 Engine Plan

Formula One has planned to integrate alternative engines from 2017 and this boils down to questions over the key figures running the sport as per Christian Horner, Red Bull principal.

Horner made this statement at the Brazilian Grand Prix and talked of how there are currently two supremely powerful engine makers working in close connection with each other and on the other side, there is the governing body and promoter. The engine is basically a catalyst of the entire power equation according to him.

Horner talked of how he felt that Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt were trying to regain control of the sport through the advent of the available and cost effective engine. The governing International Automobile Federation, of which Jean Todt is the president, has recently asked for expressions of interest prior to a tender for a standard Formula One engine that would be considerably simpler and cheaper in comparison to the ones produced by major manufacturers.

The engine, which has not been approved by the Formula One commission yet, is sought to be made available as an alternative option to the expensive V6 1.6 litre turbo hybrid engines. This proposal has been supported by promoter Bernie Ecclestone. Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda and Renault are the main engine makers for the sport and have hugely invested in technology for the same. These four makers currently supply engines to all 10 teams but refused to agree to cost caps on customer engines with Ferrari using its veto powers.

Mercedes has also refused to supply engines to Red Bull while Ferrari has been seeking more than $30 million for one year old engines. At the same time, McLaren has been blocking its partner, Honda, from helping out in this regard. Red Bull, who had earlier had problems with Renault, are expected to ink a deal to use its unbranded engine units and develop them. Red Bull has sided with Todt and Ecclestone who want to make an affordable option available for teams. The other teams are so far unconvinced by the proposal.


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