Leading NGO Asks for Vehicle Restrictions And Citizen-Friendly Measures

The leading NGO Pedestrians First has been asking the Pune Municipal Corporation and city police traffic division for citizen friendly measures and restrictions on vehicles.

The NGO convener, Prashant Inamdar states how traffic congestion is the biggest and most serious problem faced by the city of Pune in recent times and this is solely due to an increase in vehicle numbers on the road. Transportation and traffic policies also spark greater use of private vehicles through the provision of greater road area and other facilities like subways, widened roads, new flyovers and one way roads. Additionally, this leads to a gross neglect of public transport and non motorized transport.

The civic administration should start prioritizing people initially, at least during festival periods and also weekends. Restrictions on vehicular movement should be imposed on these particular days. This does not mean a complete ban on all vehicle movement. The idea pertains to making specific roads and areas fully or at least partially vehicle free. The space vacated by vehicles will hence be made increasingly available to citizens. The NGO has also proposed specific restrictions based on the kind of vehicles in question. The administration can classify car free zones, fully vehicle free zones, private vehicle free zones where only public transportation vehicles will be allowed and so on. This has to be done post a study of roads and particular areas. There can be time bound restrictions each day as well according to the NGO. It has taken up a concerted campaign in this aspect.


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