Volkswagen labor boss talks of 100 people possibly involved in emissions scandal

According to Bernd Osterloh, the Volkswagen works council chief, the diesel emission manipulations scandal could possibly involve 10, 50 or even 100 people.


Volkswagen Works Council Chief, Bern Osterloh admitted in an interview on Friday that he does not quite know whether the diesel emission manipulations were caused by 10, 50 or even a hundred people at the company. Volkswagen has been embroiled in the biggest scandal breaking out in the automobile industry for more than a decade after admitting in September that it had installed software in millions of cars that cheated emissions tests in spite of posting violatory figures on road. This scandal has led to the carmaker facing huge regulatory and legal action across the globe along with hefty fines, payouts, vehicle refits and lawsuits for compensation of dropping value of Volkswagen passenger cars owned by customers from all over the world.


According to Osterloh, no one can really say how many people were possibly involved in this scandal as part of a joint interview with Volkswagen brand chief executive Herbert Diess. He added that there were some structures within the company that were quite problematic. However, he talked of how even if he were to zero in on 100 people out of a cumulative global workforce of 6, 000, it would still be a really limited group. Diess added how orders were growing in Germany for Volkswagen but taking a tumble in markets like Southern Europe, Britain and more.


Volkswagen had lower sales at both brand and group levels in October, citing diesel sales bans in western Europe as a major reason for the same. As per reports, compensation measures for owners of Volkswagen vehicles hit by the scandal, will be individually made going by market needs. Diess reiterated the same and emphasized upon how Volkswagen wishes to rebuild trust with customers at even the minutest level.


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