General Motors to sell Chinese made Buick in US

US’ top automobiles manufacturer, General Motors, intends to sell cars of Chinese make in the US at the start of the next year. This would be the first time a major automobiles’ manufacturer undertakes such a feat.


The Buick Envision, a middle sizes SUV that has been made in the Shandong Province of China shall be sold in the US. The initial import size of the Detroit based automobiles maker shall be between 30,000 and 40,000, where the demand for gas sucking SUVs and pickup trucks has been strong in the midst of lowered fuel prices.


The move shall add a third kind of SUV to the Buick’s line up of vehicles in the United States, joining the Enclave made in Michigan and the Encore, developed in South Korea. The officials from GM has briefed on the plan that says that importing the Buick Envision shall fulfil a void in the product line stocked by the brand and is not a measure to save costs.


General Motors has declined to make comments on the new developments. Quite recently, the shares from the company lost 1.2 percent and are going at $35.09 in a market that is sharply low. Buick is one of the most popular brands by GM in China where it sells as many as four times as it does in North America. Seeing the demand, GM had developed a large production base in the past decade. With a slowdown in the sales of cars in China, GM is looking forward to import its vehicles made in the country.


The news of GM imports made in China to the country is likely to enrage United Auto Workers union. The United Auto Workers union has agreed for a tentative labour contract of four years with General Motors and is pushing its members for ratification. The union has reported that around 55.4 percent had voted in agreement while 44.6 percent has opposed it.


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