Don’t Own A Smartphone Yet? Here Are 4 Reasons To Leave The Dark Ages Behind

Remember the time when cellular phones first came into existence? This is what they looked like.

Cellphones in beginning of mobile technology

Right now, mobile technology has reached a point where they’ve almost completely replaced traditional maps and point-and-shoot cameras. But some people don’t really see the point to buying a phone which does a lot more than just being a phone. You’ll still see people carrying the good old flip phones with pride. And of course, we can never forget the legendary Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310


There’s only one thing we have to say to people who keep harping about how their old cell phone is just as good as any smartphone–NO!


It’s 2015, 31 years since the first commercially available cell phone was produced. It’s time to move on and give your ‘dumb’phone a rest. Here’s a list of reasons that should convince anyone to buy a smartphone


  1. Makes Staying In Touch Infinitely Easier

Keep in touch with smartphones         

Smartphones are designed to help you stay connected to everyone who’s close to you, all the time. You can store thousands of contacts, sync them with your email and social media networks, and set your frequently dialed numbers on speed-dial. Even if you don’t have everyone’s phone number, with a smartphone there’s always a way to get in touch with anyone you know.


  1. Helps You Become Smarter

Grow smarter with smartphones

The one thing that makes smartphones so awesome are the millions of apps that you can install and use, and for free! Whether you want to read the news, learn a new language, teach yourself how to do simple household repairs, or even make your own app, a smartphone lets you do all that and more. And if you’re interested in photography, a smartphone is the easiest way to get up to speed with the basics before you buy an expensive DSLR. In fact, according to a recent study held in China, people who use smartphones are more street-smart and are more aware of what’s happening in the world when compared to those who don’t.


  1. Keeps You Safe

smartphones can keep you safe         

With the growing rate of crime all over the world, smartphones are the easiest way to lead a safer life. Technology like GPS, which is a standard feature of smartphones, can be used to share your exact location to let people know where you are. Developers have created apps which let you send out a distress signal to your relatives or the nearest police station by just shaking your phone. So if you ever feel like you’re in danger, you can call for help without attracting any more undue attention to yourself.


  1. Everything You Need, In The Palm Of Your Hand

One Stop Solution         

Your smartphone can turn into almost anything that makes your life easier. Lost in a new city? Pull out your phone and start navigating to familiar waters. Want to hold on to a special moment? Use your phone camera to take a picture. Ran out of pages in your planner? Don’t buy another one, just schedule your tasks on your phone. You can even choose to get regular reminders, just in case you get caught up with something else. Your smartphone is literally a portal to living a better and more fulfilling life than you ever imagined.


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