Car commuters most in Delhi while Chennai comes next

Delhi heads the list when it comes to the total list of people who commute by car followed by Chennai. The metro is held inadequate to handle burgeoning evening and morning traffic and cars are also viewed more as status symbols in the Capital.


As per recently released Census data, Delhi has the highest workforce in the country that commutes by vans, cars or jeeps and the figures stand at around 10.79%. Chennai follows at second place with 6.14% while Mumbai stands a lowly third at 4.78%. Kolkata’s figures stand at 2.93% and Bangalore stands even lower at 2.72% and these two metros have the least commuters who take cars or vans to work. As per data held by the transport ministry, Delhi is home to the highest number of cars amongst all other metro cities.


The swift Delhi Metro has definitely helped bring down traffic burdens on city roads but the huge crowds at peak hours has made this form of transportation a major hassle and deterrent for several Delhi residents. Almost 1 lakh passengers are carried by the metro between 8 and 11 am on weekdays which is a staggering figure by all means. Apart from the Metro’s incapability to handle the huge rush, many Delhi residents still view cars as status symbols.


In Chennai, however, poor connectivity of major public transport systems is something that compels professionals use their vans or cars. IT professionals are only able to use buses and trains till a particular point post which they are dependent on cars, cabs, autos or shared vehicles. Kolkata has a thriving transport network including autos, trams, taxis, metro and buses. The railway network also bears around 35 lakh commuters every day. The Kolkata Metro carries 5 lakh passengers every day while taxis carry 16 lakh commuters on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why Kolkata was chosen by the World Bank as the city with the best transport system in the country.


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