Emissions tests on 23 leading brands by German transport agency

In what is being hailed as a critical move, the German transport agency has announced its examination of approximately 50 diesel cars since late September this year and this includes 23 of the world’s best brands.


The German Federal Motor Transport Authority has declared that it has been testing the emissions of vehicles of 23 domestic and foreign brands which are among the best in the world in this industry. The authority’s move comes in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal following revelations of how the German automaker installed software to fake emissions results in approximately 11 million vehicles. German emissions guidelines and test statistics will prove to be determining factors post these tests.


More than 50 diesel vehicles have been examined minutely by the premier transport agency since September based on German test statistics. Among the 23 brands being tested are some of the world’s most iconic names such as BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Chevrolet, Toyota, Jeep, Land Rover, Honda, Volvo and Renault among others. Approximately two-thirds of the testing has been completed according to agency sources. The raw data garnered is already showing heightened emissions of the nitrogen oxide pollutant in some cases according to spokespersons and other sources at the authority.


According to federal authority Stephan Immen, names and details of vehicles showing elevated emissions levels would be kept secret for now as the tests were still being carried out and the agency remained in close touch with their manufacturers. Just when the Volkswagen controversy is settling down into a maze of refunds, regulations, cases and compensatory measures, this move by the German transport authority is one of great significance and the test results will be eagerly awaited by the 23 automobile manufacturers under the scanner. These results could have a direct bearing on future production and other initiatives undertaken by these companies.


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