BMW sales figures scale up by 4% recently!

According to the latest reports, the sales figures for BMW have scaled up by approximately 4% in October, 2015. The company also plans to energize sales of its motorcycles.


BMW has reported an increase in sales in the month of October by 4% which represents a record for the month. This growth has come about due to continual growth in major markets like China, Europe and the United States as per company sources. However, August and September growth rates stood at approximately 7.2% and 7.8% respectively, thereby highlighting this relative slowdown.


For the first 10 months, sales rose by almost 10.1% in Europe while they went up by 5.4% in the United States of America. China witnessed a growth in sales to the tune of approximately 2.3% for the company. BMW is now planning an annual increase in motorcycle sales to clock at least 200, 000 annually and growing revenues in this category by 50% by the year 2020. This will be planned courtesy heightened focus on South American and Asian markets according to BMW executives.


BMW has successfully sold approximately 120, 000 motorcycles till date in 2015 and had sold around 123, 000 last year, thereby earning revenues to the tune of 1.7 billion euros. Group revenue stood at approximately 80.4 billion euros. According to BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, the motorcycle sales figures will hit a new record in 2015 with two months to go. BMW is also planning to add 400 new dealer locations to its comprehensive network by the year 2020.


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