Domestic Car Sales Spiral to 1, 94, 158 Units in October!

Total domestic passenger car sales witnessed a rise of approximately 21.80% to stand at around 1, 94, 158 units in October according to industry sources. The figures stood at around 1, 59, 408 units in October, 2014.

In heartening news for the automobile industry in India, sales of domestic passenger cars spiraled by approximately 21.80% and the 1, 94, 158 units sold in October bear testimony to a long due revival of the market in the country. Two wheeler sales also went up by around 13.31% in October to 16, 56, 235 units as compared to 14, 61, 712 units in October, 2014. Motorcycle sales went up to the tune of 5.66% and stood at around 10, 65, 865 units in the two wheeler category for October. This was a significant jump from the 10, 08, 761 units sold in the same period last year.

These figures were released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers or SIAM which hailed the developments. Even commercial vehicles witnessed an increase in sales figures to the tune of 12.73% and stood at 58, 596 units in October. Sales of vehicles across multiple categories went up by 13.91% according to SIAM and the final figure stood at around 20, 35, 821 units in October as compared to 17, 87, 160 units in October 2014.

This is indeed welcome news for the mandarins of Indian automobiles and one hopes that the good times continue!


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