Bugatti to Introduce its All New Supercar Soon!

In what promises to thrill automotive enthusiasts across the world, Bugatti is set to unveil its all new supercar in the near future. This is a development that has been confirmed by official representatives and spokespersons of the brand.

Bugatti is bringing out a new behemoth, a development that has got countless supercar enthusiasts excited around the world. According to its chief of sales, Stefan Brungs, there will be all new innovative showroom concepts unveiled in Monaco, Munich and Tokyo. Such concepts basically translate into fundamental investments in the future of Bugatti in India.

As per sources, Bugatti should be surviving at least another generation post the wake of the emissions scandal that engulfed Volkswagen, its parent. Bugatti will be unveiling the vehicle soon and this was reiterated by company officials post the opening of new showrooms in Miami and Manhattan. This car is set to be the successor to the iconic and phenomenally successfully Veyron and has already generated huge interest amongst not only North American customers but the world over. The brand is now investing in its future growth and this supercar is definitely aimed at driving greater momentum for it as a whole. The huge scandal over rigged emissions and cheating on tests for diesel Volkswagen engines has engulfed the Group in major controversies.

This has naturally drawn attention to issues whether Volkswagen will continue to go forward with luxurious and expensive automobile divisions like Bugatti. These questions are being raised at a time when the parent Group embarks on long term initiatives including widespread spending cuts. However, Bugatti fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the all new successor to the Veyron and there is widespread rejoicing at the prolonged future of the brand for at least another generation.


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