Maruti Suzuki Springs a Surprise With its Pioneering Product Strategy

Maruti Suzuki India has always been credited as one of the pioneers in India’s thriving automobile industry and it is no different today. The company has taken automobile experts and industry bodies pleasantly by surprise courtesy its path breaking product strategy again. Earlier, it was known that Maruti Suzuki India, the largest automobile manufacturer in the country, would integrate safety elements like EBD, airbags and ABS into all its vehicles. Putting rest to speculation, Maruti Suzuki India has now introduced an all new safety pack for its reputed and popular Wagon R tall boy hatchback. The base variant of the car also comes with an optional EBD, ABS and dual airbags as well.

Additionally, Maruti Suzuki India has also introduced several firsts in the segment including the smallest diesel engine for the Celerio, the safety pack for even the base variants of cars like the Wagon R as mentioned earlier and of course, the Apple CarPlay feature for the Baleno hatchback. These moves have come as pleasant surprises for both customers and industry bodies which are hailing Maruti Suzuki India’s strategic excellence at a time when Governmental reforms are set to get considerably stricter for Indian car makers.

As per sources, the Government of India will be introducing more stringent measures and reforms for automobile manufactures from the year 2017 onwards. These will require the mandatory integration of safety features like EBD, ABS and dual airbags into all vehicles to be sold across the country. Maruti Suzuki India has wonderfully taken the initiative with the Wagon R and this will soon be a trend witnessed across other vehicles like the Celerio, Alto 800 and Alto K 10 among others, thereby setting a trail for other car manufacturers to follow!


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