Maruti Alto surpasses the 800 as most selling vehicle in India

As per reports, the Maruti 800 took 29 years to achieve the highest selling sales milestone while the Alto has taken just 15 years to accomplish the same.

The Maruti Suzuki Alto has now earned the distinction of being the best ever selling model in the country with cumulative sales figures of 29 lakh units that have been sold over a period of 15 years, thereby outstripping the steadily phased out Maruti 800.


The Alto was first launched in September 2000 and hit total sales figures of approximately 29, 19, 819 units till October 2015 which is more than what the Maruti 800 had ever achieved and this in itself is a big feat. According to the Executive Director at Maruti Suzuki, Mr. R S Kalsi, the Alto has brought good cheer and happiness to 29 lakh households and is today the largest selling single brand vehicle in the country. According to the Executive Director, the Alto remains the first choice when it comes to personal mobility in the country.


He further explained how the Alto has transformed the entire industry landscape by being the chosen car for an entire generation of Indians. This has been made possible owing to low maintenance costs, high fuel efficiency and lower costs of acquisition. The Maruti Alto has an 800 cc engine and has witnessed several upgrades over the years. The Alto K10 was introduced with a 1000 cc engine in the 2010-11 period. Thereafter, in 2012-13, the revamped Alto 800 was introduced. The Maruti 800 had clocked sales figures of approximately 28 lakh units before it was phased out in January 2014.


With this milestone, the Alto becomes the undisputed king of the Indian automobile market and the company is awaiting more such landmarks in the future.


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