Mahindra Bolero is the Sales King of October 2015!

The SUV market has been completely dominated by the Mahindra Bolero in October 2015 with demand picking up fabulously and sales figures toppling that of all other competitors. The Bolero looks here to stay and has been witnessing a sudden resurgence in popularity!


SUVs are anyway hard to sell in India where parking space is at a premium and congestion the norm. However, a substantial section of Indians have always loved their SUVs and this has drawn automobile manufacturers to tap this wide market base. The compact SUV space has widened, leading to more competition and greater diversity over the last two-three years. In this context, Mahindra’s old warhorse, the Bolero, stunned all by registering the highest sales figures in the SUV segment for October 2015.

Mahindra Bolero

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As per sales figures and inputs from company sources and industry experts, the Bolero has outstripped its competitors by selling 7, 754 units in the month of October while its nearest competitor of sales, the Hyundai Creta, came a close second with 7, 225 units. The Bolero has once again attained pole position by way of sales figures which had been claimed by the Creta for a couple of months or so.

In September 2015, the Creta’s sales figures stood at 7, 320 units as against 5, 585 units for the Bolero. In August 2015, the Creta sold 7, 437 units as compared to 4, 804 units for the Bolero. As a result, this turnaround is definitely surprising and speaks volumes about the latent popularity of Mahindra’s Bolero.

With the Bolero topping charts in October, Mahindra is having a bumper season where the TUV 300 has outstripped the Ford EcoSport by way of sales. Ford sold 3, 417 units in October while Mahindra raked up 4, 551 units with the TUV300. The President & Chief Executive (Automotive), M&M Ltd, Mr. Pravin Shah expressed delight at the sales performance of the company in the crucial festive month of October. He talked of how rising sales figures will positively boost the automobile industry and lead to newer launches. With steady fuel prices and reduced interest rates, growth volumes should be good all throughout the year according to him.


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