Rockstars On Wheels: Then, Now and Everything In Between

On occasion of the 30th anniversary of the legendary ‘Back To The Future’ series, we’d like to take you on a virtual tour of the automobile innovation timeline. The mystique of cruising across centuries in the Delorean is unmistakably something a lot of us have imagined. Riding on the wings of speed with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker & Co. in the ‘Fast And Furious’ franchise has only intensified our love of fast-paced thrill and panache. Courtesy of such entertaining movies, our fondness of automobiles has gone beyond nostalgia or the thrill of speed into something even more powerful – passion. So when we say ‘Cars mean everything’, we mean it. Literally.


Proverbially quoted, it’s often the passion-infested dreamers who take the world by storm. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot was one such dreamer who kicked off the advent of vehicular wonders in the late 1700s by building the first ever contraption that one could use as means of transportation. Fast forward to 1807, and you’d find motor aficionado F. Rivaz meddling with the limits of futuristic cars – injecting hydrogen into the internal combustion engine to produce exothermic climactic reactions that could mean only one thing… incomparable new age mobility.


It’s interesting how the trend of advertising a narrative via kids tends to echo beautifully with people of all ages. Perhaps it’s to do with the appeal of a quick run down the memory lane. Or just something as simple as stirring up nostalgia by recreating the good old times. Case in point – the Plymouth Roadrunner. Incidentally, the Coyote hasn’t caught up with it in over four decades *beep beep*.

How’s this for some intriguing trivia – BMW was rumoured to have paid $20 million so the product placement would switch from the legendary Aston Martin to their new sports car in the 1995 blockbuster Golden Eye. However by 2003, Aston Martin paved its way back on the yellow brick road of moolah and Pierce Brosnan zoomed past us on a Vanquish in ‘Die Another Day’. Cars came to be endeared, or rather, revered, because of the intimate love triangle between icons, automobile brands and people.


The hugely popular Ford legacy that we all know sold only 1700 cars in its initial year of origin. Empowering the masses with well paid low-skilled industrial job avenues, Henry Ford left an emphatic footprint in the American history. Only if he knew of the Ford Anglia that Harry and Ron would fly to Hogwarts more than a century later in the marvelously mind-blowing fictional universe created by J.K. Rowling… He surely would have had something to say.


See, that’s the thing about cars. We have a feeling they mean as much to you as they mean to us. They are synonymous with everything, really. Travel. Connection. Mobility. Ease. Freedom of spirit. Movement. Revolution. And that’s why we personally want to ensure that we bring you the best in Carswhether for your daily needs or for a knowledge-rich experience of automotive sensations spanning across centuries.
Hungry for more? Do visit Rockstars On Wheels to uncover and relish the history designed by the mavericks of the world – hop on for the ride of your life.


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