7 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Your Own Car

Tired of raising the nazi salute every time you want to hail an auto? Had enough of unwillingly rubbing yourself against complete strangers on a bus? Have multiple cab trips left you more broke than a hobo with a shopping cart?


Stop destroying your life. Here’s why your time on earth will be more enjoyable with your own car.


Forget About Boundaries

Crazy Car Jump


Where does this car go?

Wherever you want it to!

When you’ve got your own car, you can take it anywhere. No more conductors asking you to get down, no more auto drivers refusing to move beyond a certain point. Whether it’s a quick trip to the market or a long drive to the edge of the city, your car will take you anywhere.


Reclaim Your Space

No one is going to shove their crotch in your face if you’ve got your own car. When you get inside your car, you’ll actually have your own space. You’ll never have to deal with getting pushed around and being unintentionally molested by random people. What’s the best part? You’ll always find a seat waiting just for you.


What’s Time Is It?! It’s Time To Drive!!

There’s no wrong time to take your car out for a spin. Craving a midnight snack? Scoot to the nearest late-night eatery. Woke up too early and can’t go to sleep? Cruise down the empty roads for a peaceful early morning drive.


It’s A Personal Anti-Virus

Think about all the bacteria and germs you welcome into your life every time you use public transport. All the people coughing. All the sweat seeping through their clothes and collecting on the seat covers. All the itchy ones touching everything you need to hold. That person who’s picking their nose (and slyly sticking the snot everywhere).

With your own car, you don’t have to deal with any of that. And unless you or your friends haven’t showered in days, your car will never smell like something you wouldn’t want to smell.


Train Your Brain

Every time you get behind the wheel, you’re making your brain sharper. Driving requires you to be extremely alert and needs a ton of hand-eye coordination. And if you’re driving in a place like India, you’ll develop superhero-like reflexes in a few weeks.

crazy indian traffic
Drive It Like You Own It

In your car, you are the overlord. Don’t like the song? Change the radio station. Don’t like the weather? Roll up the windows and turn on the A/C. Don’t like your co-passenger? Press the eject button (not a standard feature).

Ejector Seat Funny


Safety First

If you’ve got your seatbelt on, your car is probably the safest thing on the road. Ok. Maybe not as safe as this.

Obama's Car

But definitely safer than this.
Funny Auto Clip


So are you convinced that buying a car is a good idea?


Is this where you want to be?



Or does this look better?

Make the smarter choice. Find your perfect car online at Quikr Cars .




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