Ford using Virtual reality systems to avoid production line injuries

Ford has since 2003 has started using new and modern technologies in its production processes in its facilities in the US. The result of this has been a round about 70% reduction in injuries related to the production line work.

The company has started to use a data based R&D system to help develop tech for use on the production line to help reduce stress and injuries to employees working on the production line. A part of this system is the use of virtual reality, 3D printing systems and full body motion capture.

The full-body motion capture system uses an array of over 52 motion-capture sensors placed on the body of an employee to monitor body movements and evaluate muscle strength and weakness and body imbalance. The immersive virtual reality system uses 23 motion- capture cameras and a head-mounted display to place an employee in a virtual workspace and evaluate task feasibility and proficiency. The third process, the 3D printing system, uses 3D-printed replica parts to help check hand clearances in the assembly process.

The system has been used on over a 100 Ford models to date with the latest being the new Mustang and Explorer SUV.

Source: Autocar India


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