Nissan Micra XL special edition review

The X-shift gets a CVT gearbox and added features.


With the growing traffic on streets and increasing problems to slow moving traffic and traffic jams, automakers are fast making automatic transmissions available to larger sections of the public by introducing them in lower variants and models. Nissan has followed the trend and introduced its CVT gearbox in the Micra XL. The XL has also received a limited edition X-shift model with 750 units on offer and this is the model we get to drive.

Apart from the CVT ‘box, the limited edition also gets a few minor feature additions. On the outside, there’s a blackened roof and mouldings of the same colour along the sides. There’s a tiny X-Shift sticker as well under the wing mirror on the front passenger side. On the inside, the changes are more noticeable. When you swing open the doors, you see the new illuminated door sills, the new steering wheel from the Sunny sedan, glossy black finish for the audio console, a foldable driver armrest and, of course, the automatic gearbox.

Talking about the additions, the exterior additions don’t really make much of a difference at all. Inside, the new armrest is slightly on the high side and doesn’t make for comfortable driving.

As for driving the car, well it drives the same as the higher spec CVT model. The 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol motor’s bottom end is weak and the CVT’s inherent ‘rubber-band effect’ makes it all the more difficult to execute overtakes in traffic. It does pull well once the revs climb, but even driving on an open road is quite unexciting. Also, pushing the three-cylinder results in quite a bit of noise from the 1.2-litre unit. The ride is a bit stiff and our poor roads have this car crashing through most surface imperfections.

So, the new Nissan Micra XL variant with the auto gearbox is available at Rs 6.4 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The X-Shift gets added kit for the same cost but it will be more the CVT gearbox than these feature additions that will make the car desirable.

Source :  Autocar India


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