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We all know that the used car market is a big one in India right now. There are loads of developments that have contributed to this boom in recent times. People are steadily finding used cars a great and potent solution for their requirements. A lot of it has to do with the present economic scenario. Even though inflation has been controlled to some extent, prices are still on the higher side and so are costs of living. With rise in costs of living, maintaining and purchasing a car can sometimes prove too costly for individuals.

As a result, individuals in major metropolitan cities are opting to take the used car route. The used car phenomenon is here to stay and this can be witnessed in the form of multiple dealerships for used cars being opened in major cities. In addition, prominent car manufacturers are now opening used car dealerships of their own. This includes luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and of course, home grown giants like Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki. Such is the demand for used cars that one cannot possibly expect to get his/her desired model in super quick time!

There are multiple reasons behind the decline in new car purchases. These reasons can be summed up below:

  • Rising car prices owing to rise in component costs
  • Rise in taxes
  • Rise in specific state wise duties
  • Rise in octroi and other levies
  • Rise in registration charges
  • High costs of insurance
  • Loan related hassles
  • Tedious loan approval process which is really time consuming
  • Huge waiting periods for cars of one’s choice
  • Rising interest rates on loans

These are the major reasons behind the mass exodus of individuals from the new car market. Used cars on the other hand, offer much attractive propositions in comparison with their new counterparts. These include the following:

  • Considerably lower prices
  • No additional taxes and registration charges
  • No additional insurance costs in most cases
  • Lack of loan hassles and steep EMIs
  • Friendly, hassle free payment plans offered by dealerships

People are now finding it prudent to invest in used cars for periods ranging between two years to five years and are swiftly replacing them other used models in higher brackets, albeit at much lower prices. Come to think of it, would you really fancy shelling out more than a lakh in additional costs for a new car? On-road prices of most cars are now huge deterrents to a large section of the customer base. On the other hand, you can actually find used cars in much higher segments at prices of lower ones. This is the main factor behind the popularity and growth of the used car market. In addition, people are increasingly savvy about buying their used cars and do their homework before visiting any particular dealership. This results in less confusion and productive purchases all around.

However, sometimes, even buying at a dealership may be counterproductive in more ways than one. How is this so? Many a time, dealerships often try to sell you one particular model on which they have the highest gains. As a result, you have to combat sales rhetoric and persuasion at showrooms. Additionally, used car dealers often sell their vehicles at a higher price than desired. This is mainly because of their own showroom costs, employee costs and profit margins, things they need to factor in while making every deal with buyers.

If you purchase online, you may well save this additional money that goes into the dealer’s pocket. After all, the dealer is purchasing the vehicle from the original owner for a specified sum of money and then selling it to you at a considerably higher amount to make a profit out of the deal. This is the basic mechanism behind the functioning of used car dealerships. Online purchases can take such expenses out of the equation altogether. How do you purchase used cars online? Many people often shy away from online purchases owing to their unfamiliarity with the medium at large.

However, the process is extremely user friendly and will not take up too much time or energy on your part. All you need to do is log on to online classifieds portals for buying a used car. You will be able to view a list of available pre-owned cars in your particular city. You have to select your city first and then view the corresponding results. You are assured of finding multiple choices in almost every segment on online classifieds portals. Alongside, there are helpful listings and sub listings to help you find your desired car considerably faster.

You can select your car model and manufacturer or simply browse through the list of advertisements posted by sellers on the portal. Alongside, you can also select your own locality, neighbourhood or specific area if you want to find sellers close by. This will help you narrow down your search and give you a bird’s eye view of what is currently available for the taking. Once this is done and you have zeroed in on a few models that you are interested in, you have to browse through the advertisements carefully. Check out the features, specifications and other information listed by sellers before deciding. Do not judge blindly by the pictures alone in this case.

You will find contact details of sellers listed in their advertisements in most cases. Get hold of the same and contact these sellers without any further ado. In case contact details are not directly mentioned in an advertisement, you can simply reply to the posted advertisement directly with your desires and requirements. This process is hassle free and will get you in direct touch with the seller. There is no middleman involved and you will always be able to get the best possible price for your car at all times.

In addition, you can also bargain with sellers for lower prices and may end up with lucrative discounts on the original prices stated by them. This depends on your bargaining ability and your own luck of course! If you are not satisfied with the available second hand cars on offer in your city, you can consider posting an advertisement stating your own needs and requirements. This advertisement should ideally contain all your own information including name, address and contact number. You should mention the car model and make that you desire and of course, the basic features you expect the used car to possess. Finally, you should mention your desired budget range. This advertisement will enable sellers in your location to contact you immediately and work out a great deal.

Posting advertisements is a great way to get results in super quick time. You can post advertisements without paying a single penny and still get results. However, if you are really pressed for time and want super quick, guaranteed results, you can opt for the premium advertisement system. This only requires you to shell out a nominal amount of money and your advertisement automatically reaches out to more viewers as a result. This is one of the biggest benefits of online classifieds portals.

Even if you are not buying a used car right now, these portals will always help you keep track of the latest developments in the market and price trends in your city. This system helps you stay informed and conduct transactions with equal aplomb! You do not have to pay anything extra or worry about finding the car of your choice. The portal does it for you in any city of India! Alongside, you have to keep a few things in mind while buying your used car. Firstly, you should always endeavour to check out the car in question before finalizing the deal.

Always take along a qualified mechanic or a friend who is an expert when you go to inspect the car for the very first time. Taking the car on a test drive is highly recommended as this will give you a feel of the same and help you make your decision faster. Make it a point to get the car checked thoroughly with a view towards ferreting out any possible hidden malfunctions or defects that might plague you in the future. This approach will always help you steer clear of any possible mishaps with regard to a malfunctioning or broken down car.

Have a positive attitude towards minor issues. If certain problems can be fixed easily and at low costs, you can in turn use the same to bargain for a lower price with the used car seller. This is one strategy that has worked wonders for many people and many well help you get a better deal on your purchase. Buying used cars for sale is a breeze on online classifieds portals. This is the most cost effective, user friendly and hassle free solution available to you in this regard. Use these portals wisely and reap a multitude of benefits!


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