15 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

The used cars market is giving the new cars market a good run for its run. Car manufacturers who own both used cars and new cars subsidiaries such as Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra and Mahindra have quoted that their used cars subsidiaries have taken off in a big way and they are looking to add more inventory and showrooms to their chains. The used cars market is growing at a rate of 18 percent or so compared to 12% for the new cars. In some time, it has been predicted that the size of the used car market would be 2.5 times that of the new cars market.

Buy Used Cars

As most people are nowadays looking to buy used car, it would be good to know what to check for before buying the car. With new cars, there is no need to do a thorough inspection because you know no one has driven it before. However, with used cars, you need to know the quality of the car as it had been driven by someone else extensively. This is a check list comprising of 15 points that you must look into before buying used cars.

  1. Quality of the body– The body of the car should be the first thing to attract you which is why you must inspect it thoroughly. Look for dents and scratches as you would have to get them repaired for a new look for your vehicle.
  2. Check the doors and windows– A lot of cars have sticky doors and windows which continue to remain sticky no matter how many times you get them repaired. To avoid such a predicament, get the windows and doors of your car checked, including the door to the boot.
  3. Checking the lights– The lights are an important part of your car which is why you should examine them thoroughly. Check the headlights, tail lights, the dipper for cracks and breaks and also operate them from within the car to see if they work well or not.
  4. Examine the seats– Check thoroughly for rips and tears on the seats. Sit on them for a while to see what they feel like. Ensure that the levers for adjusting them work well enough. If you are buying a car whose driver’s seat’s height can be adjusted, you should check that too.
  5. Evaluate the overall cleanliness of the car– Needless to say dirty interiors do not attract buyers of cars. Therefore, you should make sure that the mats, the glove compartments and even the cup holders are clean inside.
  6. Look under the bonnet– Checking the engine of the car is one of the most important aspects that you need to look out for when you buy used car. Look for any spare parts that have been installed under the hood. If spare parts have been installed then enquire about them and find out how the original part was damaged and whether it was in an accident or not.
  7. Get a mechanic for an inspection– Hire a mechanic to look into the quality of the engine to ensure there is no problem with it. Mechanics would be able to tell you the true quality of the car’s engine and give you an estimate of the expenses that you would incur to get the car repaired.
  8. Testing the metre, horn and the likes– You should make sure that the glow light for the metres, the horn, wind shield wiper, wind shield pump and other things work in the car. These may be small, but if they are out of order, you need to buy spare parts for them.
  9. Go for a test drive– A test drive is a tell-all for a car. You should choose a route which is both in the city route and partly on the highway so that you can evaluate the performance of the car. Alternate the speeds to see how the car performs. If you drive over a speed breaker, notice whether the suspension of the car touched the bottom of the car. In case it deed, you need to get the bottom inspected in case it is shot. When you turn the ignition on of the car, listen in closely for sounds from the engine.
  10. Check the service record of the car– The service record of a car is very important as it lets you know how well the car was maintained. A car’s service record would have all the details as to whether there were any changes in car accessories or spare parts. If there have any changes, you should ask for the receipt.
  11. Ensuring that the loan on the car was repaid– A lot of people buy their cars with loans and then try to sell off the vehicles when they are unable to repay the loans. You should make sure that the vehicle you are buying is not hypothecated to any bank or financial institution as you will have to pay the loan after buying the car. Make sure Form 35 and NOC for the car have been obtained before buying it.
  12. Checking the air conditioning of the car– Most cars nowadays are sold with in-built air conditioning and you need to check whether it is in working condition. In this respect, have the mechanic take a look at the coolant of the car to make sure it is full and does not need any more anti-freeze.
  13. Inspecting car accessories– A lot of people put in car accessories such as mobile chargers, sound systems, hangers from the driver’s and co-passenger’s seat and much more. You should make sure these are in perfect condition.
  14. Going over the insurance and tax papers– The tax and insurance papers of the car have to be in order otherwise it would be difficult for you to get the name on the papers transferred.
  15. Checking the registration papers– The registration papers of the car must be checked otherwise that would again pose some trouble when it comes to getting the name transferred.

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