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Buying a used car is never an easy affair by any means. This entails loads of research, planning and speculation on the part of customers. You should take care not to end up with the wrong vehicle as that will plague for quite some time indeed! Buying the wrong car will make you get into trouble of the worst kind. There are numerous instances where people have enthusiastically splashed out money for a used car but ended up with a drained pocket courtesy frequent repairs, mechanical faults and service expenses. Sometimes, fuel economy is horrible too and this eats into your savings as well. As a result, negotiation with used car dealers is the key towards landing a good vehicle worth the money you pay for the same.

Have you been thinking of buying used cars in Delhi? The market dynamics for used cars vary from place to place and you should act accordingly. Used car markets in Delhi are way different from those in Mumbai or Chennai. The market for used cars in Delhi is quite vast and diverse and possesses a posse of models for your consideration. Delhi should be the best place for you to buy a car provided you are looking for niche models.

The market for second hand cars in Delhi will give you any car in any category. This is one of the USPs of this market. You will find ample evidence of the same on online classifieds portals like Quikr. These portals contain a huge number of listings related to the Delhi market and there are cars spanning all possible brands and categories. You will find multiple options for luxury cars, entry level cards, old cars, mid range cars and so on. No brand is out of reach or unaffordable for those looking to spend smartly on a used car.

You have to first reach out to dealers through these portals by viewing all the advertisements for sale and the given offer made live on the classifieds website. You have to reply to the advertisements posted or call the dealer if contact details are provided. Keeping track of the latest developments on classifieds portals will help you stay updated about the latest prices in your area or locality and this will help you sidestep any possible price rises on part of the dealer. Alongside, you would do well to read automobile magazines and consult experts about the used car prices currently prevailing in Delhi.

The first step, therefore, is to be aware of the prices and what you are negotiating for. Always have an idea of the kind of percentage you would want lowered. This is what you will be bargaining with the dealer for. Secondly, always choose your car well in advance. This will help you bypass other supposedly tempting offers showcased by the dealer which stand nearer to your asking price. Once you have done your homework and research beforehand, you can very well make a good deal with used car dealers in Delhi or any other city for that matter!

While looking at used cars for sale in Delhi, it is very essential to always ask for a price that is substantially lower than the asking price quoted by the dealer. If possible, you can actually get the prices from two or three other dealerships that are better than the dealership you go to. You can quote these lower prices to the dealer in order to tilt the balance in your favor while making the deal. Alongside, be sure to ask for a price that is lower than the original price by a whopping amount. For instance, if the dealer asks for approximately INR 2.50 lakhs for a second hand car model, be sure to ask for a final deal of anywhere around INR 1.6-1.7 lakhs depending on the age, make and model of the car. What happens is that if the dealer is willing to negotiate, he keeps lowering the price but not as low as you quote initially.

This way, you will be sure to get a handsome discount on your purchase or at least some discounts at all! While getting your deal executed, be careful not to display over eagerness to the seller or dealer. This can often lead to some pretty aggressive sales pitches and might ruin the deal for you. Do not be in a hurry to conclude the transaction and always check out the vehicle very carefully. You should not seem too desperate to land one particular car immediately. This will hardly get you any savings. Playing it cool is thus a major part of making a deal with used car dealers in Delhi. Your personality and bearing will determine the extent to which dealers will haggle with you.

One good way to get a good deal is to zero in on dealerships and used car showrooms which are in a hurry to sell old stock. Often, dealerships have particular offers for one or two car models or brands. You should always scour around the internet and newspapers for deals of this sort. If you can point out one or two minor flaws and bargain for a lower price, you may well be able to get a good discount if the dealership cannot wait very long to sell a particular car. This is another method that can be followed provided you have the right information and strategies up your sleeve.

You should always take a mechanic along to check any used car thoroughly before buying it. Not only will this help you save money and future hassles, it will also give you an idea of what you are getting into. Dealing with Delhi car dealers demands some thick skin and a little patience on your part. However, with the proper presence of mind and temperament, you should definitely be in for some fabulous rewards! Land your dream used car in Delhi or anywhere in India with these tips and tricks!


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