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Finding rentals in any city is very tough in our country. This is mainly because of the prevailing mindset that people have these days. The mindset usually pertains to the uselessness of putting up people on a rent system and the safety aspects involved in the same. Many owners have now become more cautious than usual owing to a recent spate of unhealthy and fearful incidents involving tenants and landlords and the security risks that are now top factors in any decision. The whole process of grilling and asking question is also too much for prospective tenants who shy away from the entire procedure as a result.

How do you actually find good rentals in metro cities? It is not hard to find a good place for rent in metro cities if you know where to look. First and foremost, you should decide on your criteria and minimum considerations for choosing a rental. These include the location, proximity to your place of work or education, the transport system and access to basic amenities. Other factors include proper supply of food, recreational areas nearby, proper electricity and backup if possible and also clean water and proper sanitation wherever possible. These are priorities that you should always keep at the forefront while choosing any rental.

You should also avoid agents and brokers completely. Many people do consult agents and brokers with regard to finding a good place on rent. However, this is not a good step to take on many counts. In today’s information based age, you can do it all yourself without feeling the need to depend on someone. Why make somebody else an unnecessary stakeholder in this transaction? This is one area where you should be firm and confident. Going to an agent or broker will only led to extra costs and expenses. Brokers might take you all over town and yield no suitable results. Moreover, you will have access only to a few properties that might fetch high commissions for brokers.

They will keep showing you properties that are supposed to earn them handy incomes and you will be constantly hounded with regard to buying the same. The initial price you pay will always include the commission to be paid to the broker or agent and this is one expense that you would do well to avoid in today’s expensive times. Alongside, brokers might try to fool you and entice you into selecting the wrong property. Often, brokers make false and harmful claims relating to the area, locality, facilities and landlords that may turn out to be grossly misleading in the future. This is another situation that you are better off avoiding. Always use your own brain and new age tools to find all the information you want.

It is better to look in places that your known relatives and friends have visited or gone to. When it comes to Bangalore, you can find places for rent near the IT hubs and similar areas. Rates are a little high in Bangalore and Delhi is a little less expensive in comparison nowadays. You can stay in areas like Lajpat Nagar and Paharganj without spending a bomb from your own pocket. When it comes to Mumbai, there are places for rent within the INR 20-25, 000 mark in good places like Santacruz, Lower Parel, Parel and corresponding areas. This is surprising to say the least and you might actually end up with a good apartment in the bargain if you play your cards right. You have to take a look at areas on the outskirts of the city or the proverbial suburbs which now come with top notch connectivity and infrastructural benefits. These areas usually offer apartments and places to stay at very reasonable prices and are fabulous for those living and working in new cities. Suburban areas will help you afford reasonably sized apartments and improve the quality of your life.

You should not expect to find a reasonable and affordable flat for rent bang in the middle of the city or near the business areas or even your place of work. Be prepared to travel the distance and with the increase in connectivity options, this should not be a very big problem. Kolkata offers multiple options as far as rentals are concerned. Rents are still low if you take areas like Behala, Sovabazar, Dumdum, Garia and Jadavpur into account. College Street and Shyambazar are other areas which are on the lower side with regard to rent amounts. However, prime areas like Ballygunge, Southern Avenue, Gariahat, Alipore, New Alipore and Tollygunge have high rental values and these are the places that you should definitely skip if you are looking for a place in this city.

You can find all the information you need from online classifieds portals. These portals will literally help you with everything you need. You will get loads of information relating to houses and flats for rent in your desired location. These portals will help you find out about places for rent in a variety of areas and locations. You will be able to zero in upon a particular area after you contact the seller directly by replying to the advertisements posted on these portals. You can also contact sellers directly in case contact details have been provided in the advertisements.

You can post your own advertisement pertaining to your requirements and needs. Be sure to mention your own contact number, details and desired amenities and locational aspects. This advertisement can be posted for free and you can expect replies to your advertisement in super quick time. Online classifieds portals will help you find a place for rent in your desired locations in any city in India. All you need to do is log on and search for your desired rental based on the criteria and determinants mentioned here including the rental rates. You are sure to find affordable, top notch and attractive rentals in any metro city in India with online classifieds portals!


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  • Staff Checking

    I agree that it’s difficult finding rentals in any city nowadays. This article made me realize that I don’t have to depend on other people when finding rentals because some agents might fool me, and end up paying for an uncomfortable place. Thanks for sharing, by the way .

  • Karthic kulandaivelu

    Very Nice points are covered.
    where do we get rental agreement that covers all the points?
    where do we find key words or popular searches to get right rental properties in quikr?