How To Choose The Right Smartphone For Yourself

One of the latest innovations in the contemporary world is the smartphone. Gone are the days of ordinary phones. People are craving more and more smartphones these days. And why not? Smartphones are not only smart and glamorous in appearance but technologically too they are way ahead from ordinary phones. Besides talking, sending text messages and clicking snaps, smartphones are an experience while watching movies, videos, playing games, storing, net surfing, etc. They are extremely good for browsing the net anytime and from anywhere. Smartphones are there for work as well as for entertainment. They have huge storage space and are our friends and companions and even life savers at times. Now, which smartphone to buy becomes a brain racking question. A smartphone is a one time buy unless one upgrades it to a better version. It leaves the buyer in a dilemma over the many different phones available in the market. A few helpful tips can get you the right smartphone.

  • Right OS: Operating System or the OS is the main component of a smartphone. It is a kind of a base. Everything dwells on it. Therefore it is essential to choose the correct OS as per the needs and suitability of the user of the smartphone. There are the Android OS, Windows Phone and iOS to choose from. Android OS is integrated with Google services and includes Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc. The Windows Phone comes with free contents like movies and music on subscriptions. The Maps and Drive+ are the best here. The iOS provides high quality contents and gives smooth performances. The user should know the strengths and weaknesses of each before buying.
  • Processor: How a processor works do not necessarily depend on the greater number of cores. There are dual-core, quad-core and octa-core processors available. Sometimes higher numbers mean better chips, but do not affect the performance of the smartphone. Sometimes a processor’s performance depends on the OS’s ability to utilise the processor. It is the brain of the phone. Therefore the core and number of a processor should be carefully decided upon before going for a smartphone.
  • Ram: The more the amount of system memory the better is the performance of the smartphone. Greater RAM enables applications to be loaded faster from memory and switching from one to another becomes faster too.
  • Battery: However good the smartphone be if the battery life is short it is of good. The bigger the size and more feature packed the phone is more the consumption of battery. For best endurance capacity, closer to 3,000 milliamp hours or more would be better. A smartphone with lithium polymer battery is preferable to lithium ion battery. Lithium polymer battery is lighter in weight and can retain charge for longer time than lithium ion battery. A user replaceable battery would be a wise choice.
  • Storage: A smartphone is a great storage device and a user would definitely love to store his / her e-mails, photos, videos, music and what not. It is virtually a carrier of our world. Thus more the space in the world more can things be stored. There are smartphones available from 8GB storage to about 64 GB storage space. A higher megapixel and HD video recorder requires even more space. Therefore an at least 32 GB smartphone would be essential.
  • Display or screen: Brightness, colour, sharpness and viewing angles are important to keep under consideration while buying a smartphone. 1080p and 720p screens would be ideal as they deliver fantastic image quality. Before buying a smartphone, it should be held in hand, carefully observed from every angle, a website be checked for the text and then decided what to buy. A smartphone with less than WVGA resolution should be avoided. The quality of display is more important than the size.
  • Size: While a big size phone with a big screen can be great for viewing movies, browsing the net or playing games, it can be difficult to text, talk on the phone or use in by one hand. Big phones are heavy and are not very convenient to carry. A screen of four to five inches would be good for all purposes. However it depends on personal choice and suitability.
  • Camera: Certainly more megapixels in a camera are always better. But, other features like the camera optics, good lens, sensor technology and processor chipsets are more important. A 5 MP camera is good enough for prints at 300 dpi and 10 MP is more than enough for photos in social networking sites. Lens is important as high resolution but low lens gives low quality pictures. Cameras with BSI would be good and must have LED flash.
  • Carriers: Smartphones are not only expensive but also their coverage plans. While choosing a phone it would be wise to decide on the carrier plan for the phone so that it gives the maximum benefit. Before buying decide on what you need most, want and what you can do without and most importantly whether it is available at your area. Otherwise it would not be a smart buy.
  • Right smartphone company: Finally it is the smartphone company that is to be decided upon. Some companies offer lots of discounts and promotions and the phone can be actually cheaper than one knows. For certain plans the phone comes free. Moreover different phone companies have phones with different features and suitability. Therefore choosing the right company is as essential as choosing the right phone.

Here are a few simple tips for a buyer of smartphones. The glamour of smartphones can often mislead us to make a wrong choice and later regret as it is a one time investment. Thus making the right choice by knowing the right things about smartphones like company, plans, price, display, camera, battery, etc is highly required. Different phones come with some difference or the other from other phones. What is suitable for you is ultimately for you to decide. These tips if followed could lead you to be a smart buyer of your much aspired smartphone.


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