How To Fix Faulty Power Window Switches

Many of us face problems with faulty power window switches. Power windows are one of the biggest convenience mechanisms of these days. They are highly essential features for car owners and are now made available in almost any vehicle worth its salt. These systems were only provided on premium cars in earlier years. However, this is one device that can sometimes malfunction and you have to know how to fix these problems with ease if you want to function better. However, these systems do not break completely and are quite durable which should come as a bit of relief to hassled car owners. The switch can be difficult to fix at times but this is not impossible at all. Here are some tips to help you fix your power window switches without any problems.

The first and foremost measure that you should take is to carefully scrutinize the damage. Make sure that the switch is faulty above anything else. The power window circuit is an extensive system and the switch is just a mere component of the same. The switch is most likely to be damaged at times but there is no harm in making sure at the same time! There are some easy tests that you can carry out in this regard. Always keep your ears alert for any signs of noise or other sounds upon operating the switches and check for window movement. The vehicle should be powered on to keep the window switches operational. In case there is no sound from the motors and no movement from the window, it may be a case of a window relay or fuse failure in which case replacement of the relay is the most likely solution. The switch can also be damaged at times along with the motors. In some cases, the mechanism or track can also fail if there is a sound from the motor.

In case of abruptly slow movement of windows, this may be a problem with the motor or just plain lack of lubrication. In this case, you should first lubricate the mechanism and if the problem still exists, you should think about changing the motor as this is an indication of wear and tear. Wiring problems are very rare but this is also possible at times. You need a test light of 12 volts or a multi meter to determine such problems. If voltage is present at the door switch but does not leave the same upon actuation, this is a clear switch malfunction. However, if power leaves the window switch, the motor should be checked for clear arrival. If there is no arrival of power, this may be a wiring problem. If the motor does not turn in spite of arrival of power, it indicates a faulty and damaged motor in most cases. Checking the switch is thus made easier with the help of a test light or multi meter as mentioned. If there is a schematic you can make sure of the wire where power is being received.

The repair and removal of the power window switch is a simple and hassle free process in itself. The difficulty lies in accessing the switch for removal. This has to be done by carefully opening up and removing the inner door panel. The panel is usually put together with the help of spring clips and screws which have to be removed first. The screws are always hidden and they usually lie beneath the armrest, the door handle and even the cutout for the door latch. They can be unscrewed with the help of any regular Philips head screwdriver. The spring clips come in plastic or metal and they are usually affixed to the door trim panel. They should be opened very carefully and you can use specific door panel removal tools for this task. Unclip the window gasket from the door to complete the task. The window switch usually remains mounted to a particular bezel for alignment which in turn is held together by plastic spring clips or screws in some cases. The clips should be compressed alertly with a screwdriver to remove the power window switch. You should also open the tabs for the plug connector and disconnect the same with care. The new switch is installed in just the same manner, albeit with a reverse mechanism. Put it in the proper place and attach it to the bezel while connecting al the plastic tabs.

Reinstall your door trim panel carefully and take care not to lose any screws or clips as this can turn into a nightmare otherwise. Sometimes, bad switches may need to be repaired to solve the problem instead of total replacement. There may be slight sparking in case of breakage of a contact. Carbon build up is caused as a result and accumulates over time, thereby causing these problems. Often, the buildup of dirt and carbon inside the power window switch can cause the problems mentioned above. You can remove the plastic toggle from the switch quite easily and then compressed air has to be sprayed into the body of the switch which is sure to dislodge any grime or dirt accumulated inside. You can also use special electrical contact cleaners for this purpose and these usually come in aerosol cans with narrow tubes. This allows for spraying in even minute areas that are normally hard to reach. There are multiple plastic tabs near the switch base that keep it firmly together.

There is also a switch base and a spring, both of which possess contacts. These need to be cleaned at times in order to ensure normal functioning once again. Alongside, all parts and connections have to be situated in the right areas for the switch to function properly. Power window switches can be repaired or replaced without hassles by following these simple tips. Ensure that you act upon the problem and solve it yourself in order to keep comfort and convenience intact!



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