How To Keep Your Mobile Phone In Good Condition

Mobile phones have become one of the most important items of our lives. Just like the way one cannot leave the house without wearing clothes, in the same way one cannot leave the house without the cell phone. Perhaps we do not even move from one room to the other of the same house without it. That is the intensity of our dependence on mobile phones. Now with new phones coming up in the market every other day, so are our desires to upgrade our phones from time to time. However this important gadget needs to be looked after properly to increase its overall longevity. The newer models which come with touch screens and are packed with innovative features are more delicate and sensitive and should be taken care of more. This caring is required even if one wishes to sell off their phone to upgrade to a new version.Mobile Phones

With just a little care and precaution, a mobile phone will remain in the best condition and work well for a longer period of time. Here are some tips to keep mobile phones just like new:

  • Good case for the phone: It is necessary to have a strong protective phone case for delicate phones. A good case keeps the phone safe from wear and tear and from outside dust and other pollutants. This is absolutely necessary for the new age smart phones and the android phones. The older phones are usually tougher in build and can be risked without a case. Unless a person is Richie Rich and can afford a new smartphone anytime it would be foolish to not have a case.
  • Screen guard: To save the dear phone’s screen from finger marks and other marks a screen guard is essential. For touch screen phones where there is continuous use of the screen, they are more prone to get damaged. A screen guard protects the phone screen from accumulating dust and moisture both on the top of the screen and on the inside. However many smart phones now come with Gorilla glass which requires no screen guard.
  • Cleaning the phone: A smart phone is really sensitive and knowingly or unknowingly we are infesting them with dirt, dust and what not. They have more ports and a larger surface area than normal phones resulting in dirtying of the intricate parts. Even in case of normal phones we do not take proper care of them as required. All these phones need to be cleansed often with a suitable cleaning agent to keep it working safely and healthily.
  • Not dropping the phone: The user of a mobile phone should be careful not to drop the phone casually or by chance. Dropping a phone can harm not just the exterior but also the interior. The more often you drop the phone, the more susceptible it would be to damage and harm. It would be advisable to not throw the phone by mistake as much as possible.
  • Saving the original package: The original package which consists of the box, the user manual, instructions, earphones, chargers and any other loose item that comes with the phone, should be preserved till the phone’s last day. This helps with regard to selling off the phone and also makes servicing a whole lot easier.
  • Keeping the phone away from metals: Heavy metals especially iron objects should be kept at a safe distance from mobile phones. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have intricate work inside the phone. The magnetic quality of the metal like iron causes disruption in the phone’s working. This reduces the life span of the phone. The phone battery gets more heavily affected. Heavy metals also allow scratches and marks to form on the phone.
  • Keeping the phone away from liquids: Firstly liquids leave greasy marks on the mobile phone. Next if the liquid seeps inside the mobile phone, it can cause damage to the mechanism inside. Nowadays some phones come with water and dust resistance. Even then they too should not be exposed to water and liquids as much as possible as the protection is only for the exterior and will harm the interior similarly if liquids manage to percolate.
  • Adverse weather conditions: Cell phones should at no cost be left in direct sunlight and extreme heat. Over heating is not at all good for the phone and can cause perpetual damage to it. During very humid conditions the phone should not get soaked in the user’s perspiration. The humidity and moisture cause harm to the phone in such weather. It would be necessary to be careful while on a pool side or a beach to protect the phone from extreme heat, sunlight, moisture and from getting wet as well.
  • Weak signals: If present at an area where the signal is poor the phone tries hard to catch more signals. In can be highly laborious job for the phone which can drain the phone of all its charge very soon. Thus the phone should not be kept in overtly closed spaces where accessing network signals are very difficult indeed.
  • Charging the phone: Charging the phone when the battery has gone low is very essential for the phone. However, over charging the phone could be dangerous for the phone’s life. The lithium ion battery that supports the phone is an effective device, but, every time it is put on charge it loses its recharge power slightly. Thus to save the battery the phone should be charged only when the charge left is just 25%.

Thus having a mobile phone is not enough. One should know and also keep in mind how to keep the phone in good working condition. It does not require a lot of time or money to maintain the phone. It is just a few precautionary measures on the part of the user required. The above mentioned points can be good for all phones if followed carefully. A little love and care for your beloved smart phone or even a simple mobile phone can do wonders with regard to keeping it in mint condition.


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