How To Maintain Your Vintage Car Immaculately

Maintaining your vintage car in mint condition is of prime importance. There are many vintage car owners and collectors who absolutely love their beauties and keep them for many years at a stretch. Vintage cars are a labor of love and this is something that you always have to bear in mind when opting to buy one. There are some who inherit family heirlooms passed on through the ages including classic cars while some buy them at auctions, taken in by the irresistible beauty and sheer elegance exuded by these cars. You have to take steps to keep your vintage car in mint condition if you want it to last for quite some time. There is a different feeling of victory, of fulfillment in maintaining a classic car in top condition even after many, many years.

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This is something that drives the new breed of vintage car collectors. However, apart from restoring a vintage car, maintenance consumes a huge chunk of the owners’ time and money and should be done immaculately. There are various aspects that you need to take a look at when you attempt to maintain your classic car properly with regard to overall functionality and appearance. Here are some of the best tips to help you keep your vintage car in immaculate condition:

Storage matters more than everything else

Proper storage matters more than everything else when you are thinking of maintaining your vintage car. Every classic car needs proper storage in order to keep it protected from the vagaries of nature. The car has to be securely protected from frequent spells of rain, temperature changes, moisture and other natural elements. This will prevent any rusting and other hassles owing to weather changes. If you store your car inside a sheltered garage, you should never neglect the importance of periodic maintenance activities like greasing, waxing and the regular draining of fluids. These will help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of the car. If you are storing your vintage car for short durations, you should ensure total protection from both the weather and troublesome bystanders! This will help you prevent scratches and marks on your precious classic car.

You should endeavor to wash your classic car on a regular basis

Always endeavor to wash your vintage car on a regular basis. This will keep it tidy and will also help you preserve vital car components on the car body and even the car paint. You have to do some research on the kind of car shampoo to be used. The shampoo you use, has to contain salt in lower amounts. This will help you preserve your car and clean up all the grime with elan. However, be wary of any damages to the overall car polish. Washing has to be done absolutely right for the results to show. You should make use of separate towels for each car component in order to negate washing based damages.

Always get the oil changed whenever required

You should always get the oil of your classic car engine changed quite regularly. This is very essential for the good health of your vehicle. Alongside, regular oil replacements will keep the car in running condition always, no matter its age. The car oil should be replaced after every two thousand miles travelled by the vehicle. Before draining, always run the car for two miles at least. This will prevent loads of future problems.

Always drive your vintage car yourself

Many vintage or classic car collectors and owners keep these beauties stored away in their garages after buying them for insane amounts. This will only corrupt the car and allow wear and tear to set in. Instead of using regular, contemporary cars, endeavor to use your classic and vintage cars on a daily basis. Regular driving will keep the car in good health. This is the simplest of all maintenance tips. These cars need to be driven in order to keep the parts and components in good condition.

Take care to prevent any overheating of the car engine

The car engine should not get overheated on any count. Overheating may lead to a plethora of problems for car owners. Classic and vintage cars may have this problem more than other vehicles. This is mainly owing to the built and construction of these cars, which were not subject to extensive testing in conditions experienced by us in present times. The cooling system of the car has to be kept in mint condition as this will automatically keep overheating at bay and will help you drive your vintage car in peace.

Disconnect the car battery whenever required

If you are keeping your classic car idle for long periods of time without any intention to drive it, always ensure that you disconnect the car battery or you can even opt for a trickle charger. Battery life will be reduced owing to flatness which is a common occurrence in many vintage cars. A little alertness on your part will reduce these problems immensely.

Try to avoid customization as much as possible

Do not preferably customize any vintage or classic car that you own. The value of your classic car depends to a large extent on the originality factor. Putting in contemporary steering, cooling systems, brakes, ignition systems, suspension systems and other elements might seem a tempting option. However, the original parts must be used as much as possible without giving into temptations with regard to completely overhauling the car. If you are hell bent on extensive customization, you should be aware of the fact that modern installations will erode the overall value of your timeless acquisition.

These are some of the basic tips that you need to keep in mind. Get thorough servicing done for your classic car at least once every twelve months if not more frequently. Always check fluid levels and top fluids up if it is required. You should also scrutinize fluid levels of the clutch and brake as well. Use these tips and maintain your vintage car immaculately!


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