How To Keep Your Car Interiors Spanking New!

Keeping your car in mint condition should be a top priority for all car owners. Proper maintenance and cleaning of any car is necessary to keep it in top condition. Many of us devote time towards cleaning the body or exterior of the car but tend to neglect the car interiors. This is one mistake that you should not be making on your part. The interiors have to be cleaned and kept spanking new in order to get a top notch driving and usage experience along with the best possible comfort. The exteriors can be cleaned quite easily by using car wash, shampoos and other products. However, cleaning the interiors requires additional techniques which will require you to work quite hard.

Here are the top tips to keep your car interiors spanking new always!

Use a vacuum cleaner as much as possible as this is the best way to keep the interior properly sanitized and neat. This will help you effectively get rid of dirt and grime under floor mats and will also help you keep your seat tops clean. Filth and dirt easily accumulate in all the multifarious corners and undersides of your car. The vacuum has to be high powered though, in order to successfully clean the interiors with special attachments for taking care of stubborn dirt. Always shake the floor mats before vacuuming in order to get rid of the excess layers of dirt coating them at all times.

The vacuum should be a great ally with regard to cleaning out the floor mats, car seats and the carpets and removing dirt and grime. However, some extra effort may also be required at times especially if grime has dug into the car upholstery. This is something that vacuum cleaners are mostly unable to fix. You can use a special cleaner for removing these blemishes and marks. There are various cleaners available in the market. There are also special floor mats which come with treatments and rubber floor mats only require an effective wash on your part. If there are leather seats present in your vehicle, you should endeavor to clean them as much as possible. No vehicle looks good with leather seats that are chipped, stained, cracked or ripped. This also brings down resale value if you are planning to sell off the car at some point of time. Vacuum cleaners are usually enough in this car but in extreme cases, opt for a leather cleaner and leather conditioner to keep your seats in mint condition at all times!

The car dashboard also merits special attention as this is one of the most neglected areas and is prone to draw a hefty chunk of dust and other filth. Vacuuming will do the trick here again and you can think of applying a dust cloth to clean out all the dirt. After cleaning is complete, you should use a special protectant to keep it looking good and combat any fading, peeling or even cracks. Using the protectant will also help preserve the interior colors even in case of exposure to ultraviolet rays and sharp sunlight. The steering wheel should also be cleaned with protectant. If fading or cracks cannot be prevented at any cost, get hold of covers for the steering wheel, seats and dashboard immediately.

You should also clean the car windows on a regular basis. This is the most essential part that you should be careful about. Visibility is considerably enhanced by windows that look cleaner. You should endeavor to clean off all marks, finger marks, prints, smudges and other dirt from the car windows. There are special glass cleaners available for window cleaning and these also come with water repellent formulas that ensure enhanced visibility. Whatever you make use of, ensure that there are no streaks left behind. However, check whether your glass cleaner is apt for tinted glass and whether it will leave defrosting and fogging elements intact. Ammonia is usually contained in glass cleaners for houses and this has often been known to damage windshield defrosting mechanisms owing to destruction of glass heating. The car trunk should also be cleaned regularly even if it is rarely used. The more clutter in your trunk, the lower the fuel economy generated by your vehicle.

Clear your trunk of unnecessary items which increase the overall running weight of your car. This will only make your car engine strive harder while on the road and this will lead to greater fuel consumption as a result. The trunk should be kept as empty as possible whenever there is no luggage or other stuff to be carried around. You should also prevent dirt and grime from accumulating in the car trunk even though the trunk is not really important from an aesthetic point of view. Alongside, there are other problems that you have to contend with. Sometimes, beverages are spilled and this causes heavy seeping. Always lift up and remove the car seats for better cleaning. Stop seepage promptly and prevent future molding in your car.

Other problems include stickers and other gum related placards posted by kids inside the car especially when they are placed right on the inside area of car windows. Razors should be used to get these off the car. Alongside, dyed clothes can also damage car seats and upholstery and this can be catastrophic if not cleaned immediately. These are problems that you have to contend with on a daily basis and your course of action must be prompt.

Prompt and swift action is the need of the hour if you want to keep your car interiors spanking new even after a long period of time. Always endeavor to do the cleaning yourself. This will help you ensure better and more effective cleaning of your car interiors. Always consult professionals and automobile cleaning and servicing stations with regard to the cleaning agents used in the process. This will save you trouble later on. Keep your car interiors clean with these simple tips.


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