How To Combat Rusting On Your Beloved Car

Simply buying or owning a car is not enough. You need to properly care for your car in order to keep it in mint condition. Taking care of your car is not that simple. There are various problems that may crop up from time to time. One of the biggest problems feared by car owners is rust. Rusting on your beloved vehicle can ruin the entire look and feel of the car and should be combated with alacrity.Rust Prevention

Many a car has been destroyed by rust even though it was in proper condition and the cars could still function normally but after a point of time, became unsafe for driving and steadily fell apart. You do not want a similar situation occurring in your case and bear in mind that automobile insurance does not take care of rusting as a potential damage element. However, this all depends on you as you have to ensure that rust does not corrupt your vehicle. There are various preventive steps that you must take in order to combat rust from taking over your car and destroying it. Rust is more likely to attack cars which are located in particular environments and locations. Places which witness winters that are harsh and usage of road salt are definitely likely to witness greater rusting of cars. Alongside, areas with a high concentration of salt are also prone to witness greater rusting of vehicles.

Rust protection is essential in such cases and you need to follow the tips mentioned below in order to combat rust successfully and keep your beloved car safe and in mint condition!

The first thing to keep in mind is the regular washing of your car. Your car needs to be washed regularly and this will go a long way towards combating the spreading of rust. We do not take washing and cleaning seriously but these little activities count a lot in the long run. Areas with high road salt concentration demand regular washing of salt, grime and dirt both from the car undercarriage and also the body. This should be carried out at least once every week. Alongside, you should notice the quarter panels situated behind the car tires along with the wheel wells. These are places for accumulation of dirt, salt and other grime, thereby clogging wheel drainage systems and trapping moisture. The latter is a surefire rust inducer and this gives rise to spots which will spread eventually if they are not repaired immediately!

You should take care of rust spots immediately as mentioned earlier. These spots are hazardous for the overall health of your car. They do not take much time to spread all throughout your car. You should always inspect the car body regularly to detect any spots or signs of rust. These usually form as tiny bubbles right beneath the paint on the car. Do not neglect these little spots and repair them while they are still small. The repair process is quite easy and is not tedious at all. The repairing process involves the removal of all loose rust clogging the car. This can be done by using a razor blade or any sharp instrument.

Slowly scrape away loose rust or paint and work with caution on areas which are still intact. Once this is done, warm water should be used to clean these areas in tandem with soap. This will drive away all traces of dirt, grime and wax. Once the area is cleaned thoroughly, you should use a primer which is inclusive of a metal conditioner. There are various automobile accessory and repair stores which will give you specific brands to purchase. This repair process will prevent the formation of any further rust and will get the car area ready for a fresh coat of paint. Always follow instructions written on any product label before usage. However, do not delay in applying paint to the area after application of the primer.

Always clean your car regularly especially if you reside beside the ocean or in other salty areas. The underside of the car is one area which we keep neglecting while cleaning our cars. You should never make this mistake as this area is most prone to frequent rusting. In case of regular exposure to salt, you should think of using a lubricant to spray on the underside and body of your car. You can even have a protective coating which is now available on many cars. Consult experts and professionals in this regard and get the best possible lubricant or coating for your car. There are various sprays which also keep rust at bay. You can look up automobile accessory stores for more information in this regard.

Always keep the metal surfaces in your car as dry as possible. Keep wiping them regularly especially after washing your car. You can also use wax, paint, special lubricants or even lacquer to protect these metal surfaces from any rusting. Before using any inflammable for spraying your car, always ensure that the car engine is cold. Do not turn on the engine immediately. Do not spray ideally on the car mufflers or the exhaust if you want to avoid future problems. Alongside, the rust prevention spray should ideally be used when you are storing your car in the garage or outside for long periods of time. You should always drive carefully in order to prevent scratches as much as possible and use a car cover as much as possible.

Regular and thorough inspection of rust is the key to prompt repairing and a hassle free ownership experience. The undercarriage, engine and car trunk have to be investigated with special care as these are the major rust-prone areas. You have to be proactive when it comes to removing and repairing rust related problems on your car. Remember that a little prompt action on your part can keep your car running in prime condition for years. Rust is a dangerous enemy but you will be able to combat it successfully with these tips!


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