How To Get A Summer Internship

Are you confused about what to do during the long summer vacations? You could always sign up for an internship programme at a company. Most people might dismiss this option as they believe interns are simply made to sit and watch. Even though this is what happened some years ago, nowadays companies assign work to interns to carry out during the 2-3 months period. At the end of the internship, one can get a certificate of experience that can be quite valuable when one tries to look for a job.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships

Summer internships are quite popular among college goers nowadays because they provide them with the opportunity to get hands on experience on working in an office. Moreover, they get to spend their time productively instead of lazing around at home and doing nothing. It is also a channel to get a quick buck made as internships are now paying. The payment is not much but it will cover your transport costs. If you use the money wisely, you can even save some money apart after spending it on commutes and lunches.

As an intern, do not expect to get on the company’s finest projects that require you to burn the midnight oil. You might be handed simple jobs such as data abstraction or sorting or assisting a senior at the company. Some companies also get research projects completed by interns where they give interns a free hand at managing the project. Try looking for the latter kind of work as it will help you garner confidence in your skills. Summer internships are available in different fields and hence you are bound to find one for yours.

To land an internship at a company of repute, you need to have someone within the organization to refer you, although some companies have the provisions of hiring interns. The companies that have a policy of hiring interns have a tab on their official website and you can apply for the position through it. There are several forums online where openings for internships are posted in various fields and you can apply for them.

You can also drop by companies to drop your CV and informing them about your desire to complete an internship. For bagging an internship at a nationalised bank or entity, this is the best method adopted.  Some companies also visit campuses to hire interns and you can apply for these positions.

You might have to spend a few weeks in order to find the right kind of internship for you. If you do not manage to find any kind of work during the summer internships, do not be disheartened. There are many companies that hire interns during the winters and you can try your luck at that time. You can also look up online classifieds for an internship programme in Bangalore. By mentioning an area, you can streamline your searches and locate a company which caters to your wants as an intern. Start looking before the opportunities are grabbed!


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