How To Buy A Used Car In India?

If you are not a very good driver and are afraid of damaging a brand new car, then you should buy a used car. Used cars that had been manufactured a year or two ago would offer a great drive and would be available at a price that is almost 1 lakh rupees or so lesser than a brand new model. Moreover, it would be within the tax free period and therefore, you would be saving the money that you would have otherwise spent on taxes.

In order to land a good deal on the car that you wish to buy, you should follow these tips:

  • Do not go for a car that has been driven by a chauffeur. Chauffeurs are usually reckless drivers and they cause damage not only to the car’s body but also to the engine and other parts. Hence, you should try to buy a car that was driven by the owner, at least for the better part.

    Used Cars in India

    Used Cars in India

  • A car that has been driven extensively may suffer from a lot of wear and tear. The engine, brake and clutch plates might have suffered a lot of damage and hence one should avoid buying such a car as it would mean extensive repair works.
  • Do not buy a car that has been driven for more than 20,000-25,000 kms. Not only will the engine suffer wear and tear but also the tires would wear out. Usually car tires need to be changed once the vehicle has been driven for more than 40,000kms. For a regular hatchback such as Hyundai Santro Xing, the cost of changing one tire is around Rs 3,000. Therefore, to get all 4 of them changed would mean an expense of Rs 12,000!
  • Buy a car that is not very old. That way, you will be able to enjoy the free servicing that manufacturers usually offer. The free servicing contract is usually offered for 3 years although it depends on the manufacturer.
  • When you go to inspect the car, it is advisable to take a mechanic with you who will help to judge the true condition of the car.

Buying a used car online

You can now find leads of used cars by logging on to online classifieds. Sellers of cars list their vehicles along with specifications. You can check the make of the car, the year of manufacture, colour and even the number of years for which taxes have been paid. Some of the ads also mention whether the car was driven by the owner of the vehicle.

Consider those ads which have got photographs uploaded. The advertisements with photographs in them will help you judge whether you are at all interested in the vehicle or not. You will be able to note the condition of the car and then decide whether you want to proceed with the purchase. You can also add a location filter for used cars in order to check those that are near your locality.


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