How To Fetch A Good Price For Your Car?

Getting a good price on your used car depends a lot on the condition of your car, the number of kilometres it has travelled, the number of years that the tax has been paid for etc. Nevertheless, you can still fetch a good price for your old car which would cover a considerable amount for your new car.

Checking the body of your car- If you had driven your car carefully enough, then this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have patches where the body is dented or the paint is peeling, then you should get these fixed. Interested customers may not have enough idea about the operation of a car but they can judge one based on the condition of the body. Replace any head or tail lights that have been broken. Remove all your personal belongings from the car. Get the floor mats and seats cleaned well. You could also get your used car waxed after a wash, as it would make it appear shiny and good as new.

Buy Used Cars

Buy Used Cars

If there are minor flaws with the engine or air-conditioners, then you can get them fixed. However, fixing major flaws is not an option because it can lead to a huge expense that you may not be able to cover for after selling the car.

Tax papers- Have your tax papers in order because they are much needed during the transfer of ownership of your vehicle. Vehicles which have a number of years left till the next payment cycle can fetch a good price. However, if yours is nearing the next date of payment, do not pay off the amount. It might fetch you a lesser amount but will save you the hassle of having your tax paid.

Having the papers to your car’s battery in order is also very important.

Best way to sell your car

Once you have gotten everything sorted about your car’s body and papers, you can get your car enlisted on an online classifieds website. You can do this by simply creating an account. When updating your advertisement, bear certain things in mind:

  • Include as many details as possible about your car. The make, year of manufacture, number of miles the car has travelled, the colour, type of fuel it uses etc.
  • You should also include the tax details of the car.
  • If you have installed any additional instrument such as alarms or air bags, then you should mention it as well. It will help to provide your car an added advantage.
  • Make sure you put in an image of your car. An image will help interested customers decide whether they want to buy your car or not.

By signing up on an online classifieds website, you will be saving yourself the hassle of contacting a broker for the job. A broker would not only charge you for the service rendered but also the buyer.

You can also post an advertisement on newspaper classifieds for your secondhand car. Newspapers usually have special classifieds dedicated to automobiles and you can get yours listed there.


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