How To Buy Used Mobile Phones Easily 2

Used mobile phones can be tricky purchases if you do not play your cards right. If you end up making the wrong purchase decision, it can drain your pocket and mental peace. You will have to make do with a device that is both faulty and unreliable. This will require frequent servicing and repairing, both of which are quite costly along with being unnecessary burdens upon your own time and energy. You should have a buying strategy in place when you think of buying used mobile phones in any city of your choice.

You should first zero in on your preferred model without any delay. Used mobile phone outlets or other shops may try to veer you towards a particular phone model on which they have the maximum profits or commissions. Resist all such tactics by being firm in your approach. This is only possible when you have done your research in advance about the various used mobile phone models available in your category and the one that suits you best. Never go for the recommendations of others in this case.

Always check the used mobile phone thoroughly before buying. Do not be in a hurry to finalize your purchase. Check the mobile phone for signs of wear and tear and other damages. Ask the seller about any major repairs the phone encountered recently. Ask for all documents and other purchase papers along with the case and other accessories. Make sure that the charging slot, memory card slot, USB slot and all other slots are working properly. Always check the display with care and caution. The display should not be too grainy or faded. It should have proper color resolution. Check for screen cracks and other damages as well. Check the responses of touch screen sensors as well. Faulty sensors can be a big pain for regular users.

Alongside, you should also check the keypad for proper functionality. Make sure that all the keys are in working condition along with proper backlight functionality. Check the phone for viruses and other internal software problems. Always match the features quoted by the seller to the actual phone in question. Get a feel of the web browser and the camera. The phone camera should be undamaged without scratches and other damages. Once you have ticked off your own personal checklist, you should then proceed to price negotiations.

Always try to set a final price that is significantly below the original asking price quoted by the used mobile phone seller. This will at least help you get some discounts even if he or she decides to scale up from your bottom line price. Have an idea about the approximate value of your desired phone model in the used mobile market. This will give you a better footing for negotiations. Check out online mobile phone classifieds for a plethora of premium smartphones at cheap rates in your city. Online free classifieds portals are a good bet for buying your used mobile phone with ease.


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