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Are you out of money to gift your beloved an expensive Valentine’s Day gift? There are many products that are available to a person for gifting their valentines on a shoestring budget. However, the question arises whether the person would appreciate it or not. If you have not been seeing the person for too long, then it would be best to keep the gift simple and impersonal. Flowers are one of the best gifts for a girl on any occasion. They are very attractive and most women appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with red roses. Most women would be happy with a single stick of rose given with a lot of love. Roses bloom well around winter as the environment is ideal for them. Therefore, you will get a good crop of roses to select your stick or bunch from. You can get the florist to wrap it with coloured paper and ribbons to form a hand bunch.

Orchids are much in vogue nowadays and women find them exotic. You can also gift your girlfriend a bunch of orchids combined with gladioli. It would be best to use purple orchids with mauve gladioli or lilies as they would look very nice. If you request the florist, he would throw in a name tag where you can write a short and heart-warming message for the special occasion.

You can amplify the surprise gift by getting your florist to deliver the bouquet early in the morning. Florists do special deliveries through the day. By paying him a little more and providing an address, you can get your selected bunch of flowers delivered to your girlfriend’s or wife’s residence before she wakes up in the morning. It would be delightful to see her excitement on seeing the surprise.

Valentine flowers are of many kinds and you can choose an assortment to be delivered. Some stores also have their websites where one can place orders for flowers to be delivered at a particular location. These stores have supply chains in different cities and countries and you can send your wife a bunch of valentine roses while sitting in another city. You can choose the arrangement and bouquet online and pay for it with your credit card. You can also add a message to the delivery. The companies take extra care for your deliveries.

However, you must know that as Valentine’s Day nears, the costs of valentine flowers keep increasing. On the day of the occasion, the cost of a single piece of rose can be Rs 20 from Rs 10! Therefore, if you intend to give her Valentine roses, you should book your bunch as soon as possible.

You can now log into free classifieds to locate a store in your city that delivers flowers. You can also come by online stores selling flowers on these classifieds. The quotations and prices may be mentioned on the advertisements and you can contact them accordingly. Log in today before it is too late!


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