How To Get The Best Deal For Real Estate

Real estate is always a tricky proposition for first time buyers. Buying real estate is not always as easy as it looks. There are multiple factors to be considered before you zero in on a particular property or flat. You have to first be clear about the specific amenities and other requirements you have with regard to your home. You have to possess a specific checklist before you go into prices, negotiations and other things. This checklist can include the following things:

  • Location of the home/flat
  • Access to major transport facilities
  • Distance from your place of work and other important locations
  • Proper ambience
  • Hygienic and favorable environment
  • Ample space for recreational and leisure pursuits
  • Generators and electricity backup
  • Community spaces and clubs if applicable
  • Safe and secure parking space
  • Safe and secure neighborhood
  • Playing area for children
  • The position of the flat/home
  • The total area and number of rooms you desire
  • Space for accommodating all family members and their needs
  • Proper living and dining areas
  • Proper bathrooms as per requirements
  • Airy and hygienic kitchen areas
  • Installations and other basic work by the developer

These are some of the major points that can be included in your checklist. If you find something that does not quite match, do not be disappointed or in a hurry to seal the deal. Leave no scope for compromises as buying a home is a permanent and life changing decision. The wrong decision can have several repercussions, many of which may not even be tangible. If you are not satisfied with a particular flat or property, take your time to visit other projects in your desired areas. Avoid the company of brokers or agents as much as you can. Brokers will only show you projects under their purview and will always try to push sell properties on which they have the most commissions.

You will end up paying extra in any case, if you appoint a broker or property agent. Instead, rely on your own judgment when it comes to buying real estate in any location. Once you have zeroed in on your desired flat, enter into negotiations with the developer. Try to keep some advance payments with you beforehand. Higher and early advances merit greater discounts from developers. Find out whether other investors in the project have obtained discounts from the developer. Try to get at least 7-8% off on the overall price of the flat/home you are thinking of buying. Start by asking for 15% but ensure that you get the minimum percentage specified above. Use free classifieds to find projects in your desired location at attractive prices. These online real estate classifieds portals are a godsend for those looking for projects that match their needs and requirements.  Use these portals wisely and snap up your desired real estate acquisition without any hassles. Online classifieds are a viable alternative to landing in the clutches of agents or brokers.


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