How To Check A Used Mobile Phone

You must always have your own checklist in place whenever you seek out a used mobile phone. Buying used mobile phones is always a tricky affair of sorts. If you end up making the wrong choice, it can dog you for quite some time. You will only end up paying extra money for repairs and have to make do with an unreliable mobile phone that may collapse any moment. In order to avoid such possibilities, you must come prepared with your own checklist when you inspect a used mobile phone. Always ask the private seller for a thorough inspection before finalizing your decision.

If the seller objects to your request make sure that you do not pursue the deal any further. Alongside, you can also get the used mobile phone examined by an expert or mobile phone serviceman if you are unsure of your own capabilities in this regard. What should you look for? There are multiple aspects to consider when inspecting any used mobile phone. These can be summed up as follows:

  • The condition of the mobile phone body and frame; look for damages and scratches that can prove fatal in future
  • The condition of the screen. Always look for fine scratches and other damages
  • The condition of the touch screen sensors. Look for good responses and usage
  • The color and display unit should be bright and clear. There should be no unnecessary grains or fading colors
  • The keypad should be in good condition and must respond properly
  • All buttons and knobs on the mobile phone must be fully functional
  • The charging slot and other slots must be functional
  • Charging the phone should not be a problem
  • Enquire about the average battery life of the used phone model
  • Check the memory card slot for damages if any
  • Check the sound quality of the mobile phone
  • Check the picture quality on the mobile phone camera
  • The camera lens must not have scratches or other damages
  • There must be no software errors or viruses that threaten to damage your phone’s system completely
  • In case of Android or iOS smartphones, check for proper speed and processing power
  • Always ensure that web applications are in place
  • Check the browser and internet functionality
  • Ask for all mobile phone papers including extended warranties which the original buyer may have purchased

These are some of the basic things that you must always check for, when buying a used mobile phone model. You can use online mobile classifieds to ferret out some fabulous used smartphones at really unbelievable prices. These portals will help you find mobile phone sellers in your desired location, neighborhood or city area. You will be able to find your dream used mobile phone in any Indian city with these classifieds portals. You can even post your own advertisement, looking for used mobile phones that suit your requirements and budget. This advertisement is guaranteed to get you swift responses as well.


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