How To Buy A New Mobile Phone From A Dealer

There are plenty of options for buying a cell phone nowadays. One can choose to buy the product online, from a dealer or from a private seller. All these modes have their own pros and cons. In our country, most people prefer to touch and fees and try the goods out that they are thinking of buying. Hence, buying products from a dealer is most popular here.

If you are thinking of buying a cell phone from a dealer, then you should bear certain points in minds.

  • The dealer that you are considering should be an authorised one otherwise you might have trouble getting your phone serviced later on. Unauthorised dealers tend to give inadequate papers which will cause a problem in future when you set out to sell the phone.
  • Complete all your research before heading to a store. Dealers usually tend to push you for a particular brand of phone for which they might get some commission from the supplier. This may or may not work in your favour. Moreover, you cannot compare between phones at the store objectively. This is a disadvantage compared to online shopping.
  • To complete your research for a phone, read up the reviews of the phone online and compare it with models that are similar to it. Most e-commerce websites allow you to compare among different models. You can also ask your friends and relatives about the performance of the phones that they are using.
  • Make trips to 3-4 dealership showrooms and get a quotation for the cell phones you are considering. Even authorised dealerships tend to quote different prices for the same model of cell phone. Once you get the price quotation from feature or smart phones dealers, you can decide from where you want to buy your phone.

Once you are at the dealership store to buy mobiles, you should test the calling facilities of the phone. If there is a whizzing sound while you are talking or calls drop very frequently, then it would be better to avoid that model.

You can also take a few photos in the store to test the camera resolution of the cell phone.

Lastly, you can connect to a data point and check the speed of upload and download of data.

Testing all the features of a phone at a dealership is not possible. There is also another possibility that you cannot ignore. More often than not, goods tend to perform well in the showroom. However, once you have bought them, they start acting up. It is not possible to know whether a phone will be up to the mark after using it. It has been seen in many cases that a particular model fails to perform for some people while for another set of people, they work perfectly well.

Once you have decided how you would prefer to buy a cell phone, you can locate an authorised dealer in your locality by browsing through online classifieds specific to your area.


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