How To Buy A Used Maruti Car

Buying used cars is an easy process provided you get the basics right. Basics refer to your own preparation and strategy. After all, you cannot expect to land a good vehicle investment without some tact and preparation beforehand. Most people complain about being cheated on their used car investment. This happens due to lack of foresight and research along with the absence of a comprehensive used car buying plan. Used cars can burn your pocket overnight if you make a poor decision. Along with frequent repairs and servicing expenses, you will also have to bear the brunt of poor fuel economy. With rising petrol prices and maintenance costs, it is no longer feasible to buy cars that do not provide value for your investment.

What can you do in this case? Do you want to buy a used Maruti car? This will require you to do some research beforehand. Check out all used car options at your disposal. Check out Maruti models usually sold in the secondhand market and do your research accordingly. The first step while buying any secondhand car is to find out about the model in question. Maruti is the oldest and most reliable manufacturer in Indian markets. Do some research about the car models in question, their history, features and expected mileage. Work out an approximate price of the car before looking at listed private seller or dealer prices.

Work out how much the car should be worth using online price calculator sites and other tools. This will help you negotiate your prices with the dealer. Always get an experienced mechanic or serviceman to take a look at the car, especially the body and the engine. This will save you from potential problems later on. If the car seller objects to an inspection, do not proceed further with the deal. Check the mileage, driving experience, maneuverability, operational features and the condition of the gears, brakes, steering wheel and the engine.

Enquire about the fuel and lubricant used for the used Maruti model. Always take a test drive before finalizing your purchase. Make your own checklist before going to take a look at the car. Also remember to check for any underside damages to the body along with looking for signs of water damage. If you are looking for certified pre-owned cars, this will cost you a lot more in the bargain. You should check out online used vehicle classifieds for better results. You will find loads of advertisements putting up used Maruti cars for sale. These online classifieds portals will get you loads of results in super quick time. You can even post your own advertisement stating your needs and requirements along with your budget.

Remember to negotiate as much as you can with the seller. Start from a bottom line price that is substantially lower than the original asking price. The seller will scale it up to a certain extent but you will always save money on the original asking price. Follow these tips to buy your used Maruti car without any hassles.


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