How To Buy Land

Buying land is a tricky proposition in India. While on the one hand it is regarded as a fabulous investment of sorts, it can be a perilous one on the other. Land is regarded as the best possible investment avenue. However, you have to make sure that you are not saddled with the wrong deal. This will then set you back considerably both in terms of future hassles and expenses. This will then be a loss making investment. You should have a comprehensive strategy when you think of purchasing land. The tips mentioned below will help you purchase land without any headaches. You will be able to buy any plot for sale without hassles and translate your purchase into a great investment.

Before moving on to the tips for buying land, it is essential to mention the avenues for finding land in your desired location or any other city. For finding land for sale options galore, log on to online real estate classifieds websites. This will help you purchase land in any Indian city with relative ease. Contact sellers directly if personal numbers or provided or reply to the advertisements posted on the website. It is an easy process and should yield you quick results in the bargain.

Follow these tips to make sure that you are making a quality investment:

  • You have to work out the total expenses involved in owning the plot of land including the hidden costs like registration, title deeds, insurance and so on
  • You have to determine the advantages provided by the location. If you are looking to acquire land for commercial operations, you have to look at it from a customer’s point of view
  • Make sure that the plot provides you as much space as you require
  • Is the location close to amenities and are transport facilities available?
  • Always make sure whether the person selling the land has adequate verification and document proof
  • Always go through the title certificate or deed of the land in question. This will help you determine the legal right to the property that rests with the original owner. Always get hold of the original title deed and do not settle for a copy of the same
  • The seller’s name should be present in the title deed and there should be full verification of his right to sell off the property. He or she should be the only owner of the land in question
  • Always get the deed examined and scrutinized by a trusted lawyer or advocate to make sure that you are not being taken for a ride

Other things you should insist on include the encumbrance certificate and a total land measurement done by an accredited surveyor. Always insist on release certificates if there are multiple owners. Alongside, find out about any loans on the property and make sure that payments have been made before finalizing your decision. If the land belongs to a non resident Indian, the seller should possess the required power of attorney to sell it. Use online classifieds to find out available plots of land in your city now!


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