How To Buy Real Estate With No Money Down

Real estate is one of the hottest investment avenues nowadays. It is one of the most prominent investment avenues for a majority of individuals these days. Real estate holds great value as an investment. Why is this so? Real estate provides fabulous returns on investments. This has been a norm for two to three decades. The real estate boom has further widened the scope of investment. People now look to snap up any real estate property as an investment and not as a basic need. This is not something that is only restricted to those who are fabulously wealthy. The middle class has taken to real estate investments like fishes to water. There are varied options available for investment as well, which have empowered a large number of people with regard to investing.

When it comes to investing in properties in India, how do you purchase real estate with no money down? The lack of down payment is a much debated issue in real estate circles and among real estate experts. Purchasing real estate without shelling anything out of your own pocket can be a reality with the right strategies. Cash is always required but it does not necessarily have to be your own every time. These strategies are quite innovative and completely legal. The commonest method of purchasing real estate with no money down is seller financing. This strategy comes into play for rentals or long term investments usually.

Under this system, the mortgage is taken on by the seller instead of outright selling of the same. The purchaser obtains the title deed but with a promissory note stating his/her acceptance of the conditions of the deal with the seller. Such transactions are entirely private and depend on a favorable agreement between the seller and the buyer. Sellers might just be amenable to such transactions owing to many factors. This helps them save taxes along with helping them gain better returns that outright cash returns through sale. Sellers often convert this into a personal annuity amount of sorts.

Another method uses private cash from a friend, relative, family member of acquaintance or even professional private lenders or consortiums. Finance is not hard to find provided the deal has good value and possibility of returns. The owner does not have to pay any money in this case. The only problem with such strategies lies in the high interest and bigger loan payments for a longer period of time. This might be financially draining in some cases.

You can use free classifieds to find multiple properties near you or any other Indian city. Online classifieds will help you zero in on various lucrative real estate options. You will find loads of advertisements detailing properties for sale in your desired location, neighborhood or city area. You have to reply to advertisements or contact sellers directly if any personal contact details are provided. You can work out your own terms and conditions with the seller and get the process started as fast as possible!


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