How To Sell Old Furniture

Selling old furniture can be difficult if you do not follow the right plan. This is simple provided you can follow a successful selling strategy in this regard. There are various tips and tricks that will help you get a really good deal while selling old furniture or in any other city in India. You can now use online furniture classifieds for selling your used furniture items at a very good price. These portals have emerged as a godsend for selling off furniture items, cars, electronics and many other things.

You have to use these portals wisely to get good results. These free furniture classifieds will help you access loads of prospective buyers in your desired location or any other city of your choice. Alongside, you can post advertisements without paying a single penny. You have to mention some pertinent details like the type and make of your furniture item, your desired prices and your personal contact details. If you are unwilling to mention personal contact details, you can ask prospective buyers to reply to your posted advertisement without any delay. Your advertisement is bound to get you fabulous results within very little time. Online classifieds portals are the best bet as far as selling off old furniture is concerned. They outstrip traditional methods of marketing and advertising these days and put you in touch with a large audience.

Some tips to sell off old furniture at great prices

The first thing you should do is work out the exact value of your furniture item. Working out the exact price may seem difficult but you should take multiple factors into consideration here. First, enlighten yourself about the category your furniture item falls into. Is it a valuable antique or vintage furniture item? Will collectors find it attractive? If this is the case, pricing can be determined only through public libraries, guides, online guides and consultation with experts. You should set the price at a level suitable enough to do justice to the majesty and class associated with a proper vintage or period antique collector’s item.

If your furniture piece is not an antique, you should determine pricing by looking at factors like the current condition of the same, the item manufacturer and the price you paid for it earlier. These will help you determine the price. Do not scale up prices to an unreasonable mark; this will drive buyers away from your advertisement. Always keep it at a balanced level, leaving room for negotiations on both sides. Bear in mind that marks and other damage signs can leave room for negotiations on the buyer’s part. Try to have such flaws fixed as this will actually translate into higher prices in future.

Alongside, always be clear on what your furniture piece is actually worth. Do not expect buyers to understand the sentimental value and associations attached to the same. Be practical while selling off used furniture and use the above mentioned tips to get a great deal on the same.


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