What To Look For When Buying A Used Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are something we cannot live without these days. They are the life blood of our existence in today’s scenario. Modern individuals are helpless without their mobile phones. Mobile phones represent much more than mere connectivity. Today’s mobile phones are a far cry from the utilitarian devices of yore. They now symbolize entertainment, education, recreation, networking, business and communication bundled into one scintillating package. This has gone hand in hand with the rise of smartphones. Smartphones are the hottest new entity in the Indian market. Over the last three to four years, they have created a storm in business circles. They have revolutionized mobile phone usage and functions like no other device.

Today’s Indians want only smartphones and nothing less; feature phones are not that much in demand owing to the basic features provided. However, many premium smartphones are often unaffordable for a large chunk of the modern population. Living costs are anyway expensive and it is hard to shell out an exorbitant price for that dream smartphone you have been eyeing for a long time. Many people cannot settle for cheaper versions from local competitors. They want nothing but the best. How can this problem be solved?

Buying a used mobile phone is the best way out in this regard. Used phones can actually translate into a great investment if you have a proper buying strategy in place. You should always check for the following elements:

  • The quality of the mobile phone body
  • The quality of the touch screen and its responsiveness
  • Check the touch screen sensors and all touch based functions
  • Check the memory card slot and the screen for any signs of damage
  • Check for water damage to the phone; this is characterized by a grainy and damp display unit
  • Check the quality of the display and the color resolution
  • Check the sound quality of the phone along with the condition of the speakers
  • Check to ensure that all ports, outlets and jacks are working properly
  • Check to see whether the phone features match the ones advertised by the seller
  • Check for existing warranties and guarantees on a particular phone model. Ask for these documents from the seller
  • Enquire about any repairs that the phone has had in recent times. This will give you a fair idea of its actual condition

Once you have ticked off all these boxes, you can purchase your used cell phone with elan. Where do you find these phones? You can use free classifieds for this purpose. These online cell phone classifieds are a great bet as far as snapping up your dream smartphone is concerned. All you need to do is log on and check out all listed advertisements without much ado. Reply to advertisements, get connected to sellers and make your purchase in record time. Online classifieds portals also help you buy your used phones at mouth watering prices which are far lower than market rates.


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