How To Buy A House

Buying a house is never an easy process. It does require a lot of time, energy and money. You have to be determined about your choice. However, this is a necessary step of sorts. There comes a time in life when we simply have to buy our own homes irrespective of the problems that may lie ahead. A home symbolizes shelter, sanctity, recreation, relaxation and your own haven of peace, love and comfort. A home symbolizes the storehouse of thousands of memories with near and dear ones. It is the best place to unwind with your friends and family after a hard day at work. It is the best place to entertain, rejuvenate and have fun. Thus, you have to get it absolutely right while buying your home.

The first step is to find good properties that are suitable for your needs. You can contact real estate agents or brokers. You can also look up magazine advertisements, newspaper classifieds and scour your neighborhood looking for properties for sale. However, you can find the best properties for sale with the help of free real estate classifieds. These portals help you find properties for sale in almost every location of India. You can find multiple advertisements listing properties for sale. You can directly contact the seller or developer if personal contact details are provided in the advertisement. Otherwise, you can reply to the advertisement stating your personal details and requirements.

Alongside, you can post your own advertisement which states your own needs and desires along with your budget. This advertisement can be posted free of cost on online classifieds. However, you have to use free classifieds wisely in order to determine a good investment. Alongside, you need to work out your monthly income and get an idea of the interest rates charged by banks. You should stick to a budget that should ideally keep your monthly loan installments within 40% of your total monthly income. Alongside, you should possess the minimum 10-15% that is charged as down payment. If you are looking for zero down payment options, you should negotiate your terms directly with the seller instead of the bank.

Get all restoration work and other customization done before you move in. Always allocate a certain portion of your total costs for these activities. This should cover new furniture, repair work if required, installations, painting, lighting and other basic activities. You can take additional loans for this purpose. Be sure to check whether the monthly installment can be paid off easily. Always try to do a thorough value assessment of the property you buy in order to avoid any hassles. Get a professional assessor to carry a comprehensive check in this regard. This will only cost you a tiny fee but will serve to enlighten you immensely about the value of your investment.

Buying a home is very much a labor of love. If you follow the right steps, this can be a very enjoyable experience indeed. Here’s to a dream home for you and your family!


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