How To Buy A Used Mobile Phone From A Private Seller

Used mobile phones do not always make for good investments. However, there are tips and tricks that you can follow to reverse this scenario. In your case, it might make sense to obtain premium smart phones or feature phones at almost half their prices. Smartphones have totally revolutionized the mobile phone ecosystem in the Indian market. They have outstripped all local competition in the form of feature phones. Feature phones might just go out of business. Smartphones are now available at almost every budget range and present exciting features for customers. Traditional biggies like Samsung, HTC and Apple are being given a run for their money by home grown mobile phone brands.

These include Karbonn, Micromax, Lava, Spice and others. They provide an exciting bouquet of features to customers at the best possible prices. However, there are many among us who only prefer big brands for the reliability and brand value that is associated with them. Do you want only premium high end android cell phones from leading manufacturers? In that case, purchasing brand new smartphones from top mobile phone manufacturers will dent your pocket hugely. Premium smartphones are quite expensive despite market trends and this is something that does not quite go down well with a large section of customers who want these phones at a substantially lower price.

This is where buying used mobile phones seems like a good investment. However, how can you buy used mobile phones from private sellers? This may seem like a dilemma of sorts for many people. Not everyone has time and energy to look for private sellers. Where do you find multiple sellers providing quality used smartphones from major manufacturers? You should look no further than online classifieds portals. How do these portals help? They help you find and get in touch with multiple sellers of used mobile phones.

You will find various advertisements listing used mobile phones for sale. Find out the contact details of these private sellers if provided. Use them to talk to the seller directly. Negotiate your prices further to get even bigger discounts. Ask for a complete list of features and specifications and quote a bottom line price that is substantially lower than the stated price. The seller will not agree but he or she will bring the price down from the original level substantially as well.

This strategy will make sure that you get the best bang for your buck when buying any used mobile phone from a private seller. Alongside, you can also post your own used mobile phone purchase advertisement. This might get you loads of responses and enquiries from private sellers. Always mention your desired price in your advertisement along with a thorough list of your desired specifications and features. Have two to three ideal used mobile phone options so that you can reach out to even more private sellers. Take your time in finalizing your decision and inspect your phone carefully before buying.


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