How To Buy A Used Mobile Phone Checklist

Buying any used mobile phone is not very difficult if you know your strategies right. After all, you do not want to be cheated out of your investment. It is very difficult to redress things should you end up buying a faulty phone. It will require frequent repairs and turn into a hugely unreliable device that you will again have to sell off at a lower price to avoid frequent problems. Alongside, major mobile phone repairs are very costly indeed. None of us want to buy a used mobile phone only to cough a substantial amount in servicing and repair charges. This is why you should always have your own used mobile phone checklist before finalizing your purchase.

This checklist will keep you safe and help you make a good investment. Always ensure that the phone in question ticks off all the boxes on your checklist. This checklist should essentially comprise of certain essential things to look for be it smart phones or android cell phones that you are looking to buy. What are these essential things to look for? They can be listed below for your benefit:

  • Check the body of the phone at first. See if there are any major damages or cracks
  • Inspect the memory card slot for any damages
  • Inspect all other outlets and points (audio outlets and charger outlets)
  • Make sure that all these outlets are working properly
  • Check the display screen thoroughly. It should not flicker or seem grainy
  • If it is a touch screen phone that you are buying, check the responsiveness of the touch screen along with all touch commands
  • Check the condition of the keypad on the phone. Press each key to make sure that it works
  • Check the call quality of the phone especially with regard to sound
  • Check the headset sound quality
  • Check the quality of the speakers installed on the phone
  • Check to see whether the stated features match up to what is present on the phone
  • Always ensure that the phone is free from viruses and other clogged up spam ware
  • Ask for the purchase documents along with other warranty papers
  • Check to see whether the phone still fits into the warranty scheme
  • Ask about any repairs that took place recently for the phone

These checks will ensure that you get a good used phone at your disposal. If you are wondering about where to find quality used phones, look no further than online mobile phone classifieds. These portals contain various options at extremely attractive prices. You will find a large variety of options on offer from premium brands and companies. Remember to contact the seller directly and talk out your terms and conditions. You can get an even lower price for your used phone if you negotiate the deal properly with the seller. Online classifieds portals will give you loads of options. Make your decision wisely in this regard.


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