How To Judge A Condition Of A Used Car

Buying a used car is no piece of cake. What if you end up making a poor investment? This is one fear that remains foremost on people’s minds while thinking of buying a used car. Used car purchases can be quite tricky due to one big factor. If there are any hidden flaws or defects with the vehicle, it can bug you for life. This is one situation that most of us would always wish to avoid. A used car that needs frequent repairs and suffers constant breakdowns will not only eat into your savings, it will drain your peace of mind as well. What is the solution in such a scenario?

You should always assess the condition of a used car before confirming or finalizing your purchase. This is the only way to ensure the safety of your investment. This will make sure that you land a good used car deal, one that keeps you driving happily for at least a few years to come. How do you actually judge the condition of a used car? There are many parameters for judging the condition of any used car. Some of them can be summed up below:

  • The exterior body should not have major damages, dents and scratches
  • The paint finish should be of high quality
  • There should be no signs of rusting or corrosion on steel frames, bars and other areas
  • The underside of the car should not have suffered major damages
  • The alloys on tires must not be chipped or cracked
  • Tires must be in good condition without any slashes or gashes
  • Tires must be evenly placed on the car
  • The seats and footboards must be in good condition
  • There must not be unnecessary dampness or musty odors in the car. This hints at water related damage
  • The knobs, buttons, controls and switches should be working properly on the dashboard
  • The air conditioner should be functioning properly with adequate cooling
  • The sound system should be in working condition along with good performance speakers
  • The steering wheel should not be too loose or frisky
  • Maneuverability should be good
  • The car should provide reasonable fuel economy
  • There should be no corrosion close to the car engine
  • Car batteries must be in mint condition
  • Engine condition must be good to ensure a good driving experience

There are loads of things that you must check for before judging the condition of your used car purchase. Whenever you think of buying a quality secondhand car, use online automobile classifieds to find good deals for the same. Online classifieds websites will help you buy quality used cars at the lowest possible prices. Always have the above mentioned parameters in mind when you are looking to judge the condition of a used car. Sticking to these factors will tell you whether the car is in good shape or not.


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