How To Negotiate With New Car Dealer

Buying new cars is fine but you should be abreast of all the tips and tricks that will help you get the best possible deal. It is a sheer myth that you can never lower the price of a new car. Ultimately, it is the dealer who sets the price and here is where you can land a great deal with some great negotiation tips. When buying any secondhand car, you have to use direct negotiation tactics and set bottom line prices right at the beginning.

Buying any used car requires you to be upfront about your needs from the very beginning. Also, if there are any minor defects with the car, you will automatically be in a stronger position with regard to getting a better price. However, negotiating prices of new cars is a different ball game altogether. The same principles do not apply at all; here you have to play it cool as much as you can. You should use the tips listed below to negotiate with your new car dealer:

  • Do not negotiate directly at first. Always insist on completing all the formalities and your purchase once the salesmen accede to your desired price. Refuse any other incentives or offers and if they do not accede, leave your phone number before departing. Do not give in immediately
  • Follow-up on your deal within a day or two and have a conversation with the salesperson or dealer you negotiated with earlier. Remind them of your desired price and of your eagerness to complete all formalities once your demand is met
  • If your desired price is possible by any means, you can be assured of receiving a prompt response. If your deal comes by the month end, it might just be speeded up especially if monthly sales have not exceeded expectations
  •  Carry out a similar strategy with two or three more new car dealers in your locality or neighborhood
  • Work out the actual value of a car including the ex-showroom price and the on-road price. This will help you detect higher prices quoted by any dealer

It is always possible to obtain discounts between 5-10% with these negotiation tactics. However, you have to be patient enough to reap the benefits in this regard. It is also better to arrange for car financing yourself without any help from the dealership. This will leave you in a better position to negotiate a better deal. Do not be frustrated with constant offers and smooth talking by salespersons. Always keep a cool head and converse politely. Do not give off the impression that you are anxious to complete the deal in a jiffy. Salespersons will only use this fact to their advantage.

You can find a variety of car deals on the internet. You can also find some great used car deals online. You need to check out online classifieds portals for this purpose. Check out a wide variety of attractive car models online! Remember to follow the negotiation tips mentioned above to land a great new car deal from your dealer.


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