4 Tips That Will Change The Way You Approach Job Seeking

Plagued by phrases like ‘follow your passions’, ‘do your homework’, and, ‘dress for success’ before an interview?

These quotes have been informally tested for years and seem to yield positive results. Thanks to that, they’ve become conventional sayings, almost like a bible to those looking for work.

It’s wise to use these phrases as guidelines to find your ideal job, but it’s foolish to ignore the fact that the job market is constantly changing, and so are its norms. Today, you’ll need more than a one-stop solution to your job seeking needs. You’ll need an unconventional approach to finding the ideal job.

Here are a few tips.

Passion Isn’t Necessary

You’re probably fuming after reading this heading. But there’s no need to be upset. The flames of passion don’t just burst into existence. They have to be nurtured and cultivated, steadily stoked till they become a raging inferno.

Tips to change job approach

It’s great to look for work that makes you feel ecstatic, but try a different approach. Find work that you like, or can at least tolerate, and stick with it for a while, maybe even for a year. Understand the work you do, and you’ll automatically develop an attachment to it. It’s a slow process, but your passion will develop as you gain more control over your career.

You can always look for better opportunities as you work.

Slowing Down Pays Off

Job searches involve scrolling through endless webpages looking for the right line of work. It’s a dreaded task that can also be disheartening because, often, you don’t receive a reply from an employer. So avoid rushing into a job.

Job hunt tips

Once you find the position you’re applying for, dig deep and find out details about the company. It’ll also help if you connect with a professional working in the firm and ask them for advice regarding the job. Get them to help you out, and that way you can ensure that your application and resume fall into the right hands.

Reach to HR

Simply sending in your details does not guarantee you a job. The HR department isn’t going to discern too much just by reading your resume. You need to try and reach out to the hiring manager if possible. The top management makes the decisions, and it’s a good idea to directly approach them so that you can personally interact with them and have an impact on their decision. That way, you know that your resume has been shown to the right person.

Job Tips

Body Language Speaks

When you find the job that you’re looking for and are summoned for an interview, pay attention to the way your interviewer is seated. Take a look at your own body language and adjust it so that you exude confidence—a quality that every firm is looking for. Avoid negative body language as it subconsciously sends the wrong signals to the person sitting in front of you.

Tips for job hunting

For example, crossed arms imply a reserved nature and could accidentally communicate that you aren’t very open and honest about what you’re saying. Learn a little more about body language before going for an interview; it’ll help you understand the interviewer’s mood and enable you to send the right signals to turn the situation in your favour.

So, when you’re looking for a job, always be open to trying new methods of finding one. Every position is unique, just like every individual. That means there’s a certain way to approach each one, and you need to find out which way works best for you.


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