Blue-Collar Crisis & Rise of Work-From-Home

The global COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought about a halt in our everyday lifestyle but has also significantly impacted the economy worldwide. Along with the apparent uncertainty that has crept into our lives, bringing up the Indian economy is going to be quite daunting. One such industry that has been majorly affected by the coronavirus outbreak is the blue-collar industry. Not only has it put stress on the mental health of people, but has also cost many individuals their jobs. Let’s discover some statistics mapped by QuikrJobs through analysis of the platform trends to get a clearer picture of the impact of COVID-19 on the blue-collar industry

Different elements of blue-collar industry affected by the COVID-19 crisis 

  • The overall availability of blue-collar employees has equally been affected like that of the accessibility of jobs. 

According to the report by QuikrJobs, there has been a very prominent downfall in the blue-collar jobs and applicants amid the lockdown. Nonetheless, there was a 108% expansion in applications and over 36% growth in job availability in April.

  • The outbreak caused an extensive unemployment rate to rise throughout India. 

Furthermore, another very infuriating and saddening impact of the crisis has got to be the unemployment rate which has drastically increased. QuikrJobs‘ analysis says that there was a rise of over 48% of the total applicants per job. Thus, the increment in applications is indirectly proportional to the unemployment rate. The report evaluated that the increase in unemployment in metros was 65% and in non-metros was 43%. In the month of May, several industries encountered an increased rate of job applicants for every job. For instance, data entry job applicants increased up to 115%, driver job applicants up to 122%, delivery executive job applicants up to 139%, marketing job applicants up to 179%, teaching job applicants up to 108%, and sales job applicants up to 187%.

  • Employees and reverse migration.

According to QuikrJobs, the overall share of job applicants hasn’t altered specifically to non-metros or metros. While most migrants have traveled back to their hometowns for the sake of staying safe, most of them wait to get back to the urban cities to get back in the marketplace as they have no other sources for serving their families. Due to this, there has been a reverse migration of the employees across the nation. While there were 44% of employees in metros and 55% in non-metros before the COVID-19 outbreak, this statistic has altered to 43% in metros and 56% in non-metros amidst the lockdown.

  • The lockdown gave rise to wage deflation. 

Another very obvious factor noted by QuikrJobs is that several employers are offering deflation in wages. The jobseekers, on the other hand, are withstanding from lowering it dropping any salary expectations. QuikrJobs also suggests that this factor may change as per the pandemic’s duration. 

  • Enhanced work from home job preferability.

Unlike earlier, work from home has become the core lifestyle of every individual and might continue to remain the new normal. In a nutshell, the industry encountered about a 9% rise in the overall jobs accessible, and a similar increase in employees wanting to work amid the lockdown. Thus, work from home jobs have unquestionably profited and will remain profitable after the pandemic. QuikrJobs suggests that only 15% of work-from-home jobs were available before the coronavirus crisis, along with 11% job applicants. However, this number has shifted to over 24% job availability and 20% job applicants. These statistics can be divided into jobs of- data entry at 17%, content writing at 44%, BPO at 45%, and data collection at 16%.

You can read more about such insights in a report based on the analysis of platform trends by QuikrJobs here – the impact of COVID-19 on the blue-collar industry.

QuikrJobs is India’s leading platform in the online hiring of blue-collar and entry-level white-collar employees for varied industries across India. QuikrJobs is built around the ethos of trying to help every individual cope with the daunting effects that the pandemic has caused and it endeavors to unite everyone in this extremely petrifying time so that not only can jobseekers find jobs, but the economy can rise as a whole.


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